Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bag Lady

My mom got Jaylee like four bags for Easter, so she has had a hard time deciding which one to carry can see how overwhelmed she is pretty well in this picture!!! But she is totally going to be one of those kids that packs a bag everywhere, it has already began.


Meet Lucy ( Jaylee says lulu). She is my friends HUGE black lab, the picture really doesn't do her justice. Jaylee fell in love with her the minute she came over. We had her for a week and when her parents came and picked her up Jaylee screamed out the screen door "lulu, lulu" Seriously it was stupid cute!!!!!!!

Only at Pie's House

Pie aka Grandpa is a sucker for these kids....he will give them anything that they want as you can see in the picture. What else are grandpa's for, right?

Huntin' for eggs

My mom got Jaylee that little purse and Jaylee just thought she was so cool. Every time she found an egg she would show it to us before she put in her little purse, you could tell she was so dang proud of herself!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Coloring Eggs

So, I am a little behind.... But here is some pictures of Jaylee coloring her first batch of Easter eggs. Holy cow it was so funny to watch her throw the eggs in the dye, then she would take it out and put is in a different color. Seriously she made the funniest faces while she was coloring them, she was just so amazed that they came out a new color!!!

Monday, April 2, 2007


So I bought a trampoline on craigslist....for dirt cheap! And of course Jaylee loves it!!! The girl loves anything that goes outside. I have to admit I think Mark and I jump on it more than her. Anyways she thinks it's really fun.


So I finally started a blog....just b/c my friend Heather pretty much did it for me. Well everyone down here has one and so I figured it would be good b/c our family and friends are everywhere! Well I hope this blog is able to keep those of you who can't be by us better informed of our lives.

Easter Preview

Here is a preview of Jaylee's Easter pictures.....How cute is she? She loves her princess dress!!!

Jaylee's first swing set

So our neighbor was moving and gave us their swingset, how sweet is that( I love free stuff). So Mark put it together while Jaylee was sleeping and when she woke up and saw it she screamed and squeled, it was better than Christmas morning!!!! Jaylee is such a dare devil, she always wants to go higher and faster, it is so cute to watch her. Now my only problem is getting her off.

Hailing in AZ

This is from a few weeks ago, but I had to post it because I just think Mark is still a kid at heart. First off it never really even rains here, so to see hail is like really crazy. So the first thing Mark said was "let's go run through it!" Um I passed, but I didn't pass up taking a picture of the idiot who decided to run through it. Oh we love you Mark, thanks for keep us young.