Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sara's Graduation Shin Dig

A little time with Aunt Chris-i-nina..
Some sisterly love...

Wilson has the funniest little personality he is a quiet maniac, it's awesome. He was so funny he kept calling Jaylee Ella the entire trip!
An attempt to take a picture of the Grand kids for Grandma...Yep you guess it, didn't turn out so well!

My pretty little niece!
All the sisters together for the first time in like 10 years!

My mom was so pooped from setting up the party that she fell asleep at the table before the party started!
Brecken loved the band!  He wants to play the guitar so bad!  He was asking them all kinds of questions about their equipment, it was to funny.
The set up..
My lil sis and our nephew Jacob.
Had to have a root beer keg!
My grandma and my brother.
Brecken just wanted to watch the band so he set up his own little area to chill out and listen!
My mom is apart of an organization called Big Brother Big Sister, so this is Emily her little sister!  She comes to a lot of our family events.  She is a great help with the kids.  I am glad we have had the opportunity to have a part in her life.
The center pieces.. Black and white photos on vellum with a candle in the center to light them up.  Then Sara's favorite flower..Gerber Daisies in Mason jars.

Instead of sitting under the tent everyone dispersed everywhere!
Mark snuck away and this is where I found him, eating all that good food is hard work I tell ya.
The band was a local band and they were sooo good.  I was really surprised!
I think Sara had a good time!

His shirt says " I'm sick of being my wife's arm candy!!!"
OF course the missionaries showed up for the free food!

My step dad and his girls!

Brecken was seriously hitting on all the girls! So we stayed in a camper while we were there to free up space in the house, so this was Brecken's pick up line "Hey girl, come see the inside of my camper!"  Really, that is my four year old!
Family Time

It was so fun to have all of the family together, it rarely happens with all of our different schedules!  I love all my sisters so much, and my brother.  I love having time together so that our relationships with all the kids grow!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Time with Cousins

My little Sis( in IA) Graduated High school! YAY... Soon she will be on her way to BYU Utah, WATCH OUT! This was the perfect time for my Brother and Sis in Law to come out for a visit!  The kids loved playing with each other!  Seriously it was so much fun.  I love my sis in law she is so laid back and chill and just tons of fun!  I wish I had more of those attributes! (BC all of you who know me know I am chill abt some things but uptight abt other things...)

 Jaylee was loves being a little mommy!  So she had a ball with Wilson!

 Yep they wanted me to play house.
 These two are little trouble makers when you put them together!  Loved it!
 Abbie looks a bit scared..She loved making funny faces at the camera! The girls all loved being with Aunt Christina aka Aunt Christinina.
 There was lots of girlie time with doing hair.

It was so much fun to spend time together with our kids.  I wish that we lived closer because we could cause some serious trouble together!  I love them so much!