Saturday, January 29, 2011

Date Night...for Torie

Torie got a beautiful necklace!
                                                            Pretty Girls, JJ even did her own hair!

 Brecken loved playing with the ribbon..oh the thing kids love.
Ok well I am still in December..I will catch up one day.  My neighbor Torie had her anniversary and got all prettied up over here, so JJ wanted to look beautiful too.  So she got dressed and then had a complete meltdown..she was crying because she thought that she wasn't pretty and Torie had to go in and tell her how gorgeous she is..because of course she didn't want to listen to her mom!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Book Party!!!

I am hosting an Usborne Book Party until February 4th.  They have awesome books that are great from Babies to Middle School aged kids!  Here is the link to the party The only way to have full access to their selection is buying through a consultant.  Which I didn't find out until I had to search for a book that I didn't buy at a boutique!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home Photo Shoot

JJ was being extra cute one day and asked if I would take a few pictures of her and I was on that like white on rice (yes I just said that).  She never wants me to take her pictures anymore so.  I told her I would snap a few... Oh and Bryn happened to pop in too.
 I LOVE her crinkled nose smile it's my FAVORITE!  This is just who she is to me this sweet little girl who captivated my heart 5 adn 1/2 years ago..

 Then she decided that it was my turn to have my picture she became the photographer....I was impressed I thought that they were pretty cute!

While I was cooking...

So as I was trying to make dinner Brecken was unsually quiet..this was why he was playing with his new shaving kit.

Brneeee did it...

So I come into the living room and Brecken immediately before I could even say anything.."Brneeee did it!"  It was so funny, because look around him ripped paper just by him!  But Thanks Aunt Britt..he LOVES his shaving kit!

So sweet..

There really is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby..especially one with as chubby cheeks as this little one!  I love her chubs so much.

Mark's Work Party

Mark's work party was awesome they rented out the whole movie theatre and gave each person $5.00 in concession money, got to sit on Santa's lap and awesome face painting!  It was a blast!  The face painter was so talented and yet I didn't get one picture of JJ's face!  MJ got a snake going up his arm and he LOVED it, he wouldn't let me wash it off in the bath that night!  We went and saw Tangled which was like one of the cutest movies ever! It was such a fun day.

 I decided that it would be kind of fun to get a family picture with Mr and Mrs Santa...Amazingly enough EVERYONE is looking too!  JJ asked for a kickstand bike again..and Brecks asked for a scooter, I asked for peace in my house (MJ and JJ haven't been getting along!)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow much FuN

JJ loves to play out in the snow.
 Our driveway has a small slant..which when it snows and then the temps drop make it soo slippery!  Perfect for the kids to sled down.
 We had a lot of fun outside playing with the kids, it was awesome because Grandma Connie (Our Awesome Neighbors) had Bryners go play at her house so I could actually go play with the kids too!  Because I still love to play, nut it's so hard to take her outside when it's so freaking cold.
 This is all the snow that is a small hill at the bottom of out driveway, perfect for sliding down.
 I am not sure why but Brecken loves to just lay in the snow..BRRR.
 This is the huge chunk of snow he chased me with, he loves to tease just like his daddy.
 Mark put the kids in the sled and then ran down the street and let go and they flew....

 OOPS..Oh well when they got up they wanted to do it again!
 Yes that is a fat goose egg...not to mention that is without the wind!


Yes Mark may kill me for posting this.. That's what ya get.
 This is more like it, our kids love to snuggle!  The most fun for us is eating picnic style in the living room and watching a movie! 

By the end of the night...

We got a few inches, enough that the driveway needed to be shoveled and guess who was all over that! Brecken!  JJ loves to go out and try to eat the flakes as they fall, and make snow balls and throw them at our front window and scare the crap out of me!

First Snow

Well some how i am out of order, oops.  It went from raining outside to two seconds later huge flakes of snow it was super cool.


So when it's like a tundra outside it makes me want to bake, it works out great because the kids love to eat.  So when we get bored we make cookies and decorate them, JJ's little friend came over and it's just amazing how much fun some frosting and a few cans of sprinkles can create.

Room Lights

The kids love to have lights in their rooms we do it every year, this year MJ and JJ have been sleeping in the same room because there schedules are more similar so we just strung lights in their room.  They loved it!

Snow Shoveler...

I hope that Brecken continues to love to shovel snow...because one day that may actually be his chore!  He will be the best snow shoveler ever from all the practice he gets from our long driveway!  He loves to do it though anytime it starts to snow he runs and gets his boot on and says "We go shovel?"  it is so cute.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wisconsin Dells

Okay so that is Jaylee and then on the tube behind her MJ all by himself!  he didn't want any help and it scared me!  This was the best tubing ever!  We got to go down a sweet huge hill and not have to walk back to the top!  I feel so spoiled because now I never want to go back to the old ways of walking back to the top.
 That JJ and Mark coming down..Mark held on to JJ's tube and went down in his, after an hour JJ was going down by herself!  And then she would wait at the bottom for Mark to come down and hit her so she would slide more.  She is definitely the daredevil!

 This was just outside the cabin that we stayed in....It was the first big storm so the kids were really excited to play in the snow.  MJ loves to make snowballs...and throw them at me that stinker.
 My mom and JJ..After we needed to come in and get warmed up my mom had dinner made and ready it was awesome!
 Mark was just chillin not wanting his picture take..that big stinker.
 My mom hung out in the kiddie pool so I could chase the other two.  Ok so these little swings were perfect Bryners to play in the water.
 There was a slide that JJ loved!  Brecken wouldn't go down it he is not quite as daring.
 My happy girl..
 Sara and I watched a movie and were pretending to be monkeys...we are kind of silly girls.
 And Jj gets her sillys from her crazy mommy.
 Mark..a big sleepy kid.  He was worn out from snowboarding.  He took my lil sis out for her first time.
 WOW they really do love each other!