Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Wow June has been so busy...these are only like half the pics. I think I may never catch up!


I love when babies fall asleep when they are playing. Bryners is my first baby to really love her mat. It is probably her favorite toy right now. She scoots all around the mat to find all the little toys I love it! She is also my first baby to enjoy being on her back more than her tummy, she hates tummy time! Where as the other two loved tummy time.

Can You say CHAPSTICK!

Have you ever seen a child with more chap stick??? Really the saddest part of this picture is that this isn't even all of her collection!!! It was only like a quarter of what she has! JJ just really loves her chappy.


Yes, my entire family are Iowa (Hawkeye) FaNaTiCs! It is very hard to live in the midwest and not love college football. I really think that you get kicked out if you don't love to watch it! So I thought that little B looked so cute I had to snap a few pics for my aunts...who always get her the cool Iowa gear thanks Carol, MIchelle and Pam! We love you.


I love these blocks....they were actually my blocks when I was a baby and my sweet Grandma Morris (Grandma Sugars or JJ calls her her really old Grandma) saved them for me. My kids love to play with them, they especially love to build roads for their cars. I love old school toys that make the kids use their imaginations.


with a two year old!
Thanks to Brecken our table is always a mess. So thanks MJ for all the fun messed you leave me to clean up!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lemon Face

He is going to be a clown...he was eating lemons just to watch us all laugh at him!

Oh No...

Seriously I can't have more than two seconds of not watching MJ...Within just a few seconds he had poured out the hot chocolate and tried to microwave the package..which contains aluminum! Awesome.

Little Artists

Brecks LOVES the motorcycles! Every time he hears our neighbor fire up the engine he runs to the window to watch him take off.

Brecks also loves to paint his tongue.

These are my little painters....just like me they love to paint everything. The new object have been my scrap wood.


So, far three has been super challenging for me...Maybe due in part to a little red head! But I feel like there is always one child that is screaming...also due to the fact that Bryn screamed every night until she was 4.5 months. So moments like this one where there a three happy children make my heart melt!

Waterloo Days/Ski Show

I love that JJ is able to make friends everywhere she goes. She makes friends so easily, I love that about her. She is such an amazing little girl with such a unique spirit and we love having her in family.

Monumental moment...he is actually oh the stroller!

Oh the fun that balloons bring!

And my big kid...that is a little kid at heart.

While Pat and Wayne (Grandma and Grandpa Pi) were here we stayed super busy. We spent one day at the imaginarium the next day at a Parade and the third day at Waterloo days and finished off with a ski show! Jam packed with fun! And one of those days we were under a tornado watch all day! Fun Fun. We always love to have visitors it make life so much more exciting. We are so grateful that they are able to come out so much and keep such a strong bond with the kids.
Mr. Mischievous.
Pi and Bryners

A Family pic attempt!

OOps we have a duplicate.......

She kind of looks scared!!

Grandma and her girl.


When JJ was little her I would ask what she wanted to be when she was bigger and she used to say Danerina.... I said what is that.."Oh mom don' you know? It's a dancer and a ballerina!" Well she finally got her wish! After school got out we enrolled her into ballet and tumbling classes. And of course she LOVES them.

Muddy Mess

This is my Dirty Boy! We call him DB for short. He lives to make messes and to get dirty! This is the only way to keep him entertained.


After Brecken BIT her....
Little B chews on EVERYTHING! She puts everything that she can in her mouth! It kind of scares me sometimes, i have to make sure the floor is always clean!

We have two cheweres in the family Bryn and Brecken.

One little Monkey....

He has naughty written all over him!

Climbing up the swing set!!!! I sure hope she has better balance than me!!! Otherwise I for see a trip to the ER! She is my little gymnast. She climbs up and on to everything counters, cars, trees, you name it!

Last Day of Pre-School

Little Miss Anna
Mrs. Krantz
Mrs. Henning aka Mrs. Honey

JJ and Hope

For Jaylee's last day of Preschool they had an ice cream social. It was really fun, it was so fun to see Jay interact with her little buddies! I wish that Max wouldn't had been such a stinker and had let me get a pic of him. Max is JJ's BFF! She wants to marry him! Seriously like the last month of school Jay asked me "When is Max going to ask me to marry him!" "I keep waiting and he never asks!!!" How cute is that!

The Graduate!!!

My little sis, Nicole (weird huh...we are step sisters) graduated from Iowa!!! Really it's kind of ridiculous how smart she is! She graduated with all of these awards and on all these lists...just another way of saying she is really smart! Anyways we are all really proud of her!