Sunday, July 31, 2011

Paddle Boats

One of the days that it wasn't raining we took the paddle boats out.  That was a TREAT.  Jaylee was freaking out that she would like fall off or something, I was laughing on the inside because she was so hysterical! We went through a "jungle" or willow tree!  It was fun looking for fish in the water.

National Cattle Month!

In honor of National Cattle Month and because lots of dairy products come from Wisconsin..they held a mooing contest! I was so excited when I heard about it!  I think it is very important to do things that are out of your "comfort" zone, especially for kids...and how do kids learn, by US!  So I jumped out of my zone and practiced all week on my mooing skills and had the kids join in!  It was MOOORIFIC.  Jaylee won the MOOING CONTEST!  She won a free build your own sundae!  Even at the very end Mark let out a loud MOOO!  I love these experiences with my kids!

Here we are with our milk mustaches!

Crafts Days!

The kids did a craft almost everyday that we were in Wisconsin!  This resort was GREAT for kids, it really focused on what is enjoyable for them! They decorated cookies and of course I helped Jaylee finish hers! She is worried about eating to much sugar and getting "sick" aka throwing up.(BC a year ago she ate a bunch of junk food while we were out of town and now she is freaking out about it!)

 One of the days we made necklaces and bracelets.  Jaylee spelled her name on hers and I wanted to think of a nickname for my little guy so I asked my mom if she had any suggestions..she did... Devil and Satan!  What kind of Grandma are you?  There some very sad truths to her statement though! He is CRAZY!
 Brecks showed us his amazing break dancing moves on the stage!  He loves the Black Eyed Peas and so they were on the stereo playing and he started to wiggle his hips and then he went all for it on the stage!
 MJ has also loved anything to do with robots this year!  His love started with the robot on Yo Gabba Gabba and now is just anything robot he loves.
JJ had to make a cupcake so that she could have glitter sprinkles!  She is my girly girl...who likes to get dirty!
 They also got to make birdhouses to hang in our trees!
 Miss Sara decided she need to make a cute little piggy bank too!

Mid-Continent Train Ride/Musem

While in Wisconsin we went to a Train Museum, there were a bunch of old restored trains.  I had no idea that there were so many different types of trains that were used.  We got to ride in this old vintage train it was so fun.  Tom got the kids these ridiculously cute hats!  BRECKEN had a BLAST!  The minute we climbed the stairs onto the train he yelled "ALL ABOARD!"  It was so stinking cute! Then we went on our first train ride ever.
 Come on now are those hats just the cutest things ever?
 This was the car that we rode in,it was built in 1915!

 My mom and sis....I love having the three of us together because we seriously bring out the crazy in each other and it makes for some really interesting entertainment!
 The Fam
 Grandpa Tom spoils this darn kid...when she got tired he carried her everywhere!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Pictures

Snuggle time!
 Miss Chubby Cheeks
 BUBBLES!! BUBBLES!!! BUBBLES!!! and more BUBBLES!!!!! Tom thought it would be fun to put dish soap in the jet tub!  It got to a point that he took Brecken's play shovel and put them into the shower!
 The kids LOVE their daddy.  Mark went home during the week and this was the day he came back they all missed him so much.
 Miss Sassy Pants.
 Lazy Bones..

First Mini Golf Tournament

We had a little mini gold tournament...Mark and I are very competitive against each other, so basically every thing turns into a competition.  I think that is because he is a twin and now that he doesn't have Matthew I have to fill the void.

 Jaylee was determined to get that stinking ball in the hole.

 Brecken LOVES anything with balls or sticks so this was perfect for him!  Can you see how much he loved it!
 Here is goes he was calling it to be a hole in one..what he couldn't pull it off!  But guess who did...ME!  Woot Woot!
Grandpa tried to show JJ how to golf the right way! It was so cute.  Grandma stayed home with B Baby.
And as most other things turn out MARK  BEAT ME.

The Dells

On Fathers Day Mark got back in town from a trip to Chicago and then we drove up to the The Wisconsin Dells.  We had so much fun.  The resort we stayed at had mini golf, pools, crafts, fishing, canoeing, and little paddle boats!  It was so much fun.   This was the first Fathers Day that my step dad had all the girls together, so that made him really happy. Plus it was an awesome condo and my mom got my family our very own that was connected to hers, secretly I think she didn't want to see our mess!
 This is me and my crazy sister.  When we get together it is slightly nuts!  We bring out the crazy in each other.  We have so much fun laughing until we are rolling on the ground and I love to "beat" her up!
 Oh and we have tickle wars..Looks like I won that match!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Jaylee's first SLEEPOVER!

Jay ad her first friend to sleep over!  Of course it was Torie.  I took them to the movie store and they got to rent movies and buy candy, then we blew up our air mattress and watched movies.  Jaylee had so much fun.

Soccer Boy

When I met Mark he played soccer all the time.  He played for all of highschool and for the college we went to. It was funny because some of the guys I knew all said he was a jerk because when he plays soccer he is so competitive!  Well some things have changed, he now plays more for fun..but its still and amazing player!  The thing that hasn't changed is he still loves to play. He has been on a soccer league since we moved here and he loves it.  The kids love to watch him play it is so fun.


We have made some really great friends since we moved here.  There are so many women that I have grown to love here.  One of my friends has two teenage daughters that for fun like to babysit!  That comes in handy especially because they are GREAT with kids!  This is one of them and here little brother...they came over for dinner one day.  The best part was I over cooked the dinner in the crock pot! I forgot to put it on low and then it was a bit overcooked, so then I shredded the chicken and put it in the oven to stay warm....then I forgot I had put it in the oven and turned the oven on to make dessert...needless to say we ended up eating pizza!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Easter June

I some how managed to make it through Easter without getting one picture of the kids in their Easter attire.  So i made up for it in JUNE.  No worries I am behind in everything else too.  So this was my small attempt to snap a pic before church..Yep didn't go so well.