Friday, November 2, 2007


okay time to vent.... So I am leaving Jaylee for the first time all weekend, I haven't ever been away over night. Obviously this is a trip that is way over due, but nothing is going right!!! I just want it to be easy and I keep thinking that by me leaving her I am letting her down in some bizarre way, I know it sounds dumb.(remember I am prego and my emotions are crazy) First off I think Jaylee is getting sick, which makes me feel worse, then I went to take a shower and there is no hot water, freak of nature, and if any of you know me I always need to shave my legs it is impossible to keep hair off them. and then my favorite outfit was laying out on the dresser and is mysteriously all wet with what I am still not sure. Why, why does stuff like this always happen? Sorry to all of you who just wasted time by reading this but it is a good outlet to vent, whether anyone cares or not!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Party

We had a little party at Aubs house and it turned out so good!!!! It was super festive we ate mummy dogs, grave yard gravel, fingers and drank witches brew! All the kids looked so cute! Even the moms, we had a Dorthy and Tinker Bell and I was well we aren't sure....white trash? rock star? The true winner of Bret Micheals Rock of Love!! We tried to play games but the kids mainly loved running around like crazy chickens. Like always it was impossible to get an even semi good picture of Jaylee...partly b/c I just don't have the energy to try anymore. It was amazing that I made it out of the house! Thanks Aubree for having it at your house!!!! And working so hard on all the party favors they were so cute and Jaylee loves them!


So I have been so out of it!!! I can't believe I haven't even posted what I am having!!! It's a BOY! We are really excited b/c he looks really healthy and is actually bigger than average. We are probably going to name him Taylor, well that is what Mark and Jaylee already call him. That is pretty much it, I am not sure when I am going to feel good again so these next couple post may be the last for awhile.