Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Pics

Ok so I have been trying to hold back and not post out of order..but I loved them to much to not post them until I had caught up to the present time with my posts.

Oh I LOVE THEM!!! I actually didn't post my fav one because I may actually try to make a Christmas card this year!  My neighbor Big Torie ( we have big and little Torie) has this amazing friend Honor, who took our pictures!  I had to hurry and get them done because she was leaving on a mission to Thailand.  Lucky for me she did them even though she is getting ready to leave.  I was super nervous that they werent' going to turn out because Brecken was beyond mad that day!  He seriously cried all day long!  Which doesn't mix with trying to take pics.  Everytime she would try to take one of him he would put his lip out and turn his head so she couldn't see him...that's why there aren't many pics of him.


I can't express how much JJ loves her sister...She is so motherly to her and just gushes over her daily.  I thought that the newness would wear off and she wouldn't be so huggy, but it hasn't and I am glad.


Great Great Grandma Liz
All the poor dad is surrounded by women!
JJ saw Sharon Stone on TV and said hey look Grandma Darlin is on TV!  I hope I look that good when I am her age!
My parents got divorced when I was..hum I am not actually sure when they got divorced because they got divorced and then got back together..anyways it was a really long time ago.. Obviously I was sad at first but they both ended up marring great people!  I have been blessed with two wonderful sets of parents it is great because they all have their individual strengths, so I always have someone to call for just about any problem.  The other fun thing is I got more grandparents!  So it is always fun when we got to FL to see Grandma Darlin!

Things I want to remember...

Brynlee started crawling on Saturday August 28, 2010!  All of a sudden she got up on all fours and began to scoot!

Poop can smell good!!! Yes I wrote that right!  I bribed Brecken with spearamint gum... and a few hours later JJ said "Mom were did MJ get candy?" "He doesn't have candy what are you talking about?"  "Mom seriously he has a mint he smells like mints!" "UH where did he get it?" "MOM his butt smells like mints!!" "WHAT!!!" Yes thats right his poop was a spearamint aroma.....didn't know that was possible!

Jaylee stared school on the 25th...It was a sad day!  Not only was it her first day of school but I sent her on the big yellow bus.  I was so scared, excited, nervous really there aren't enough words to describe the amount of emotions I was feeling.  I have narrowed it down some, I think, the loss of control is what is the most scariest.  I can't be there for her if she feels scared, I can't help her up if she falls, I can't see how the other kids are treating her, it really just makes me sad to know I can't be there. All the worse case senarious run through  my brain daily..(it's been almost a week now)  what if she get's kidnapped or molested or who knows...Ugh why am I such a basket case!  So I made sure to write her bus number on her hand (bc I am crazy!) I had a huge talk about how you only get on that bus!  Only get off the bus when she sees me! Most important don't go home with anyone!  So far she is still alive, people have been sending their kids to school for quite some time now with no problems so I am slowing getting over it..I hope.  At first in the mornings I miss her a lot!  Then I realize that there aren't two kids screaming at eachother and it is kind of nice.  I got MJ's crib painted and some Christmas crafts done and ereands ran all without was actually peaceful.  Maybe school isn't such a bad thing?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Disney 2010

JJ loves her Tessa

Every year we get pictures in the pooh stuffed animals...I guess after a few visits we have to just keep on with the tradition.
Crazy Sadie..this girl is full of life!
Jaylee got to ride on some of the bigger coasters this time like Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad!  She loved them!  I thought she would be scared..nope!
A day at Disney makes you sleepy..even when you are getting pushed around all day.  This was Bryns first time to Disney!  And I have gotten the other two kids hats with their names on them on their first trips and I forgot hers...I  guess that's part of being the third child!

So I am not going to lie we are ridiculously spoiled..we go to Disney almost everytime we go to Florida.I think its been like 4 times in the past 5 years.  So spoiled! My awesome Step Mom has the hookups!  So now that we have gone a ton lately I am slackin on the whole picture taking thing.. But overall we had a good time no on e lost their mind and cried so all in all it was a great day.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Deck Time

Don't mind the whole no makeup thing I had goin on!  I could use that as my Halloween mask!
Mimi loves to take pics of her little baby!!! Maybe this is why we have no pics of the kids on the jet skis because we were playing with Bryners...oops.  This was while we were hanging out on the deck watching all the kids jet ski.  My little sister Tessa even beat me in a race!  Ugh when did I get old?

Jet skis

I love how in most of MJ's pictures he is crying!! So the kids love to go jet skiing!  JJ frequently asks why we can't buy jet skis!  She asks for them for Christmas and her Birthdays...she talks about them constantly and when I asked her what her favorite thing about Papies house was she said "JET SKI'S!"  even over Disney World!  What!!!  The best part is that both kids love going with Mark more than me because I go to slow!  JJ told me that I am not as fun as daddy because he goes fast...well daddy and papie.  So all the kids fight over who they are going to go with and I of course am last on all the lists!  I love that my parents have the total hookup when we go down there!  I can't find any pictures of them on the jet ski:(  but it is really becoming hard to take pics while holding a squirmy baby!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fun Stuff

I love all the fun toys the kids have to play with!  My sisters have pretty much everything...and lucky for us Sadie has really been wanting to share lately!  The kids loved the dinos Jj pretended like they were her pets.  The funniest is to watch the dog go nuts when the dinos roar!  It seriously never got old.
Ok so my parents got the cutest  dog..well she is cute when she isn't eating my food!  And because she isn't our dog MJ loved her!

Bryn's First Beach Trip

This was baby Bryn's first trip to the beach..and just like #2(MJ) she's not a huge fan of the water!  But she is a great baby and just chilled pretty much the whole time!  I love how all her fat just falls out of her swimmer!  Please excuse my whiteness..

Cocoa Beach

Here are some more beach pics!  The kids loved burying Mark in the sand..I love being married to a giant kid because it is fun to watch him play with the kids.  The girls love Mark mainly because Tessa is the total boss of him!  This was one of the times that my kids actually played really nice together too!  Going to the beach is a lot of work when you have so many small kids but always ends up being so much fum! 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Miss J

Little J loves the water!  She is my little fish!  She loves that she is getting bigger so she can go out with the big girls.