Thursday, June 21, 2007

Girls...have more fun!!!

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A little Behind

So I am not completely lazy, just busy!!! Well I haven't had time to scrapbook so here is the lazy way. My family was in town about a week ago and we had a great time. Jaylee seriously misses all of the attention. So here are some of the fun pictures from their visit. Hopefully between finishing my homework and playing with Jaylee I will be able to catch up on some scrapbooking!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Just the Girls

This is Jaylee and her second cousin Addie... We stayed with them while we were in Provo, Ut. It was seriously so fun because the girls are only 3 months apart and did a great job of entertaining each other. Although they did get into a lot of mischief...but that's just a girl thing! We are always so happy when we get the opportunity to hang with family. Just look how friggin cute the two of them are....seriously.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Our lil' Buck-A-Roo

Our cousin's friend has a one month old pony that we got to go see. It was so cool...I have never been that close to a baby pony before. And out little animal lover loved it. Jaylee actually preferred the bigger horses... It was so much fun...thanks Karly


We went to the Aquarium in Salt Lake and it was a blast. Jaylee really enjoyed running around and looking at all the different animals. Her favorite part was petting the sting rays, it was hysterical every time they would swim under her hand she would scream so loud...and then everyone in the aquarium would start crackin up. It was really fun.

My New Friend

This is my best friend Brittany's little boy Bridger. How freakin cute is he?? Well Jaylee loved him she fed him and burped him and when he would cry she would look for his bink and then put it in his mouth. What a little mom....It was so fun to watch her nurture him like he was her baby.