Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Little Weed

Cutest Hawkeye fan ever!
Our little girl is just getting so big so fast! I love how plump she is! I can't believe that she is already four months! Sh e is finally staring to grow out of all the crying at night. Which is a blessing, I wasn't sure how much more I was going to be able to take. She is also almost sleeping through the night. She sleeps from about 8 to 1 then wakes up at 6 to 9. Which 6 is great because that's when we get up anyways.


We got a visit from my BFF Sheri from Phoenix! The kids call her auntie, they always have! It was seriously so fun we made stuff and ate loads of 4 Queens (Our fav Ice Cream Shop) overall just had a great time! we love her so much and I am so grateful for such an amazing friend!

Grandma Connie

So our children have adopted our neighbors as grandparents. Which I can't complain! They love our kids and watch them and play with them. They are so patient with them it is awesome. So Grandma Connie let them come over and help her clean off her patio furniture and they just loved it! Seriously I have the best neighbors ever!


When the get along I seriously just have to take a picture because it is such a wonderful peaceful time when they aren't fighting!

Our New Pets

We have added a new very low maintenance pet to our family a bucket of worms. Mark and the kids were catching them to go fishing with! The kids loved the worms and to hunt them! Talk about a way to keep them entertained for a long period! Brecks recently let them go though...or he dumped them all out and left them on the ground while he played with them. I hope I don't go to worm hell for letting them torcher those poor wormies.

Toys Toys Toys

Finally Bryners is getting to the stage of liking toys and not just me holding her all the time! It is so nice to have free hands. Although you do miss holding them too! But I held the crap out of Bryn just in case she is my last baby..???

I LOVE Spring

Brecken likes to push it and then jump on and ride it..silly little boy! This has been on of his fav gifts ever! Thanks to Carol and Michelle! Notice that again he is missing a shoe!

I love Spring all the trees are blooming and the weather is wonderful! On day it will be blazing hot and the next super cool. You never get bored! The kids love being able to be outside without all there snow gear on too!

A New Decoration

We got these little window stickers for St Patties and after getting sick of re-arranging them on the window the kids decided to decorate Bryn. This little girl is gonna be tough..she's going to have to be in order to survive.

Teach Em Young

You have to teach your kids when they are young to clean...That way when they are older it isn't a battle... Maybe I need to teach them that we don't clean with food items next!

Easter Morning 2010

The pooping chicken is always a hit!
The Easter Bunny brought less candy and more a fun bug catcher and bug net and bathing suites flip flops...the basic necessities to survive spring and summer.

Easter was different this year because it was General Conference and so we didn't have church! Which was kind of fun because we weren't in a hurry and got to play with our toys and then sit down and tried to enjoy conference. I love DvR because I was able to re watch it with out my kiddos and I really got so much from it! Like always!

Our Hunt

the adults had a fun BBall tournament! Watch Out though things get crazy around her once basketball is on.

B had so many he couldn't walk!

Levi and Sam


This is our little friend Callie...JJ and her just love eachother so much it is too cute!

I am obsessed with having Easter Egg Hunts... I didn't do a whole lot this year(Three four and under has kind of done me in a little) But we did end up with loads of eggs to hunt and lots of candy! We had the other two residents over with there family and then the neighbors grand kids.. It turned out to be a really great day! It was supposed to rain and didn't and the
kids all had so much fun

Easter Package

My wonderful Aunt Pam sent the kids each a fun little Easter Bag! I love how fun getting mail is! It seriously amazes me the joy that comes from mail.

The Hat

It was only like 80 out...and yet he still screamed for his hat. He was mad at me because I tried to get away without giving it to him...didn't work out so well. So my punishment was that he refused to look at me. I love that his shirt say "Rules don't apply to me" How fitting

The Tool Man

Here is little fix it. If it's not broken he wants to break it just to put it back together again. He seriously LOVES to put things together and to also take them apart...

Miles of Smiles

My kids all smile huge! The girls especially smile with their eyes! If Bryn isn't crying she has this huge smile on her face. Always accompanied with drool! Heart

MJ's finished product
JJ's lovely dozen.

At heart my children are little Picasso's. Ok what kid isn't? They loved painting eggs. It took a few minutes to get Brecks to stop breaking and eating them but after that he had a blast! He was so precise too, it was funny because he just looked so serious as he painted them.

Easter Outfits!

Amazing I was able to catch a pic with the three actually looking at me!

Pre having JJ I wasn't into pretty pink frilly dresses...and now I adore them!(thanks to my mother in law) So when she was here last we went shopping for Easter and got these cuties! I loved them they are just so darling on the girls!