Saturday, February 28, 2009


One of the days last week Jaylee got to have a her little friend Bryce over...Poor Jaylee doesn't really have any girl friends that are her own age it makes me feel kinda bad because she loves to play dress up so much....But lucky for her she can still hang with the boys because she still loves to watch cars, and get into trouble. And as you can see the tent stayed up for a few days..a little mess is worth the amount of fun we had in it.

All Aboard

Ever since we rode the train at Disney World Jaylee has loved them...She always says remember when we rode the train, it was so fun. Now because we can't go ride on one she made one for herself to ride..and Kayla and Hayla and Tayla(her "sisters")

The STOOL to independence

Yes this stool has become the stool to Jaylee's independence, she can now get ice cream out of the freezer and eat it right out of the carton...she can also get her paints down and dump them out all over...and get to the fruit roll ups! I guess I can't blame her for being so smart...

Camp Out

So when we were done with the puppet show we decided to have a camp out!! Oh what fun a tent brings!!! I still love playing in a tent! But it was actually our "ship" and it was raining really bad and had to save all of Jaylee's babies! That's what Jaylee told me anyways!

Puppet Time

Jaylee and I made puppets..Nephi and Lehi and the brothers and had a little puppet show for Brecken...And she kept making me be LABAN...Oh well. For any of you who aren't LDS it is a great story found in the book of mormon!


Oh Miss independent...She now even paints her own nails....and mine too! She does a great job if you don't mind a little nail polish over your whole hand... I have decided to get her a part time job, so ladies if you are in need of a manicure hit her up! She does great work.


Jaylee and I.....well I decided and Jaylee helped me plant a little Lavender...I was just missing the COLORS of spring, so we decided to bring some to us.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Climber

Brecken is our little climber, he climbs up and onto everything!


Brecken loves Buster..he feeds him every other bite of his food and always wants to be by him! Even when he is outside! So in this picture he is totally watching Buster outside and screaming and hitting the window because her wants to go out there with him! It was super funny to watch him sit there and try to get Buster through the window.

8:00 Church

Well I thought that I would hate 8:00am church, but it is the opposite I love it! We get to come home at 11:00 and have lunch and then everyone goes down for a nap! What a perfect day. And with my new calling as the ward program specialist I actual go to church at 7:45 and I love my new calling because I am always on time it is great!

Valentine's Evening

And every year Mark gets Jaylee her own little flower too! It went straight to her bedroom right by her bed!
Our dinner by candle light...
These are my beautiful flowers my hubby got me!!! I love them!

We have a little Valentine tradition...because we all know that finding a babysitter is not always the easiest we just put the kids to bed early and make a date at our house crab legs and a movie..every year, you would think it would get old but I think it just gets better. I cook and Mark cleans..It is perfect. And this year the crab was perfect it was these big huge chunks that just came out perfectly yum!! So 5lbs of crab, mashed potatoes and one artichoke later...a movie! The night couldn't had been more perfect! I got to spend the day with the people I love and then have a romantic dinner with the man that I love!

My little Valentines

Here is a cute little picture of my two smaller Valentine's!! My mom got Jaylee that cute little Valentine's outfit and then another dress that she wore to church. I thought it looked super cute! Thanks mom. I didn't get a picture of my bigger Valentine..oops. We all love him bunches though!

Valentines fun

Jaylee really loves to bake and is becomming really good at it too. She can crack the eggs about as good as me now! And she is a great sprinkler!

Our little Valentines lunch!

Well as many of you know Valentines was on a Saturday...and once you have a few kids it is hard to really take the whole day and base it around you and your spouse, so for the most part it was a Saturday like any other. Had breakfast together as a family, went to the park and played, made cookies for our friends and delivered them(not in our pjs) and then put the kids to bed just a tad bit earlier than usual..6:30pm. So we could have the night to ourselves!!!


Huh??? The boy with eat dirt and dog food willingly but mash potatoes have to be choked down, I don't get that one...But his reaction was so funny I had to keep feeding it to him just so I could laugh at him when he spit it back out! I am so mean sometimes... I think he feels lied to, the bib clearly stated mommy loves me...what he doesn't realize is that the back says but at the expense of a few good laughs first!

Diggin for Treasure

Ooh.. Jaylee decide to get into our utensil drawer and go dig in the dirt with them..mental note to yourselves don't use our silverware again! Just kidding I made that spoon a play spoon the minute it touched the dirt! Well I asked her what she was digging for and she said "Treasure! We have lots of treasure in the dirt!" Okay well I hope it is gold and that she finds far nothin'. I will keep you posted.... On the other hand Brecken just thinks the dirt is the treasure and eats it! Yum.

My sister

Um..well Jaylee has constantly talked about having a little sister ever since Brecken was born, I think she secretly wishes he would have been a girl! Anyways so she for the past year she has had a little sister named Hayla....Now she has three sisters Hayla, Kayla and Tyla! So in this picture she is having a conversation with one of them..I think it was Hayla but I can't be to sure. We even have to pretend to feed them and bath them everything! I think it is wonderful that she is blessed with such a fun imagination!


Jaylee is turning into to quite the little gymnast...all on her own.

I am not one of those moms who MAKES my kids play outside all the time, they just really enjoy to be out there! I swear! And I can't blame them I love to be out there right with them!

Mood Swings

Jaylee is for sure a girl and has the mood swings of a 14yr old girl going through puberty!! here is yet another example of these mood swings! I love when she is sassy though, because it shows me what a strong individual she is!


One of Brecken's favs is doing airplane on my legs....He loves it so much that when I get wore out and stop he just looks at me and starts to then he knows I am a sucker and I keep going!

The Cage

Oh wow...I love their new game!!! Jaylee crawls into Brecken's crib and then asks me to put him in with her to play...and then they are stuck!!! Nowhere to go!!! I love it they played for over an hour in there together!! I call it "Bonding Time" and I in turn get a few minutes of "Quiet Time" But I do think it is so sweet to watch them play so well together even though they are 2yrs apart!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Sweet Giveaway

Yes ladies this is another give a way I ran across... This site has beautiful tutus and tutu dresses all kinds of cute stuff! It is worth taking a few minutes to go browse around!!! But hurry it ends tonight!

Friday, February 13, 2009


All things ribbon is having a wonderful little give-a-way here - So go check it out and leave a little comment with you info and make sure to tell her that I sent ya!!! Good Luck to all of you!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Just a fun little picture of our little Sparky.

Miss Personality

An attempt to get a picture of me and Jaylee together...not to good but better than nothing!

Really she is just chuck full of different emotions a definite girl!!! She is so full of life and fun!

Oooh baaa

I am not sure how to write the sound he makes but the picture pretty well explains it! This is the one thing I can do if he is crying or a little upset, to get him happy again. He thinks he is a stud when he does this as you can tell by the look in his eyes!

Happy Guy

Oh I how blessed I feel to have a daughter with such a fun spirited personality and then to also have a little guy who is so happy for the most part, especially when he is eating or just ate like in these pictures!

A little more specific!

I learned a very good lesson last week BE SPECIFIC! Jaylee wanted to go for a bike ride so I told her that everything needed to be picked up off her floor before we could go...and sure enough about 5 minutes later she came up to me and said"Okay all done!" I went in to check and well she was right everything was off the FLOOR, put on the table and her bed!

I got mail!

What a sweet daughter I have...she made this beautiful candy necklace and then put it in my mail box! It was really sweet she said "Oh mommy you haven't gotten any mail yet, you better go check your box"

Playful Boy

Brecken really wants to be a big kid...he always follows Jaylee's lead and plays whatever she is long as JJ lets him! I love how playful he is!