Sunday, September 30, 2007

HoW cUtE!!!

Okay so Jaylee was freaking out, having quite the melt down. So I asked her to use her words and she said "I want to talk to Heavenly Father!!!!" So of course we said a prayer and then everything was fine, no more meltdown! I just thought that was so cute, it amazes me the things that she says!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Camping Fun

We went camping this weekend with almost all of Mark's family and Jaylee had such a good time. She got loaded up on marshmallows and I think that's pretty much it. Her & Chase were so funny together too!!! They would fight and then love on each other!! Oh and of course she was all over her two baby cousins! She kept taking them there binkies and toys, thanks Jess and Tamara for being so patient. I guess I have quite the little helper on my hands! It was so fun to have almost all of the kids all together!!! Oh and Mark and I had a blast the last day, it was super rainy and we took the 4wheelers out and found a sweet trail the had all these jumps made up but they had turned into to mud so we got all muddy and rode them out it was super fun!

Picture (almost) Perfect

Well I almost got her to look at the camera.... I swear the minute the camera goes up she ventures off into her own little world and I am no part of it. But all in all she is still freakin cute so I had to show her off!

Wrestle Time

This is Jaylee's favorite part of the day!!! She waits for daddy to come home and then they wrestle.... and whenever daddy gets worn out Jaylee screams for more!!! It is so cute because she will run up to him and say "wrestle" and then run away for Mark to go catch her! I seriously love her so much and just think everything she does is funny!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh Yeah

I have a confession....I had way more fun at chuck e cheese than I think the kids did!! The thought of all the nasty germs and the gross salad bar was a down fall but all in all it was fun to let go and have fun!!! I did beat Mark in basketball so that was an accomplishment...and I am sure that I never figured out dance dance revolution but I made up my own way!! IT wouldn't had been as much fun if I wouldn't had, had such great friends to go with...Oh I know there are no pics of the kids but they were there!

Friday, September 7, 2007


So slowly but surely I am catching up from all of our trips!!! We got home a week ago and then jaylee got the flu and then mark got it. So it has been....eventful to say the least. Here are some pictures from our trip to Sea World... There were a few times that I thought for sure Jaylee was going to maneuver out of my grip and jump in with the dolphins!!! This was such a neat experience for her...she still talks about feeding the "whales" and asks to go back! We are so blessed to be able to do all of this fun stuff. Seriously I love, no I am obsessed with Sea World growing up I went like once a week and when I wasn't there I would write the human resource dept to find out what I needed to do to become a whale trainer, pretty much on a weekly basis. I was able to get in with the dolphins once, a few years ago, and pet them and give them some commands so that was my childhood dream come true!


Jaylee turned two on August 18, 2007! It amazes me how fast she is grown into a little girl. For those of you who we aren't able to see as often as we want here is a little about our little Jay. She is able to put together 4 and 5 word sentences, look at letters of the alphabet and tell you what they are, sing songs, really she is so smart I can't even list all the things that she does. We are so proud of her. She is also a little social butterfly she loves to be the center of attention! A few of her favorite things are Lola ( her bunny), Macy ( her baby), any kind of trucks, purses ( I usually find the trucks in the purses), and her book about trucks! Oh, and I can't forget her favorite movie is Cars, really it is the only movie she will even watch. To sum it up everything she does is higher or faster she is really going to be a daredevil!

Cocoa Beach

Wow it was only a few weeks before this that we were on Malibu Beach....can you say spoiled! The water was unusually warm, like bath water so we all got in and stayed in for pretty much 5 hours. We got Jaylee a little tube to put around her waist and floaters on her arms so she was set! She didn't want you to touch her floats at all....which was kind of scary when the huge waves came crashing in but like a little fish she just rode the waves out! I can't believe the lack of fear that Jaylee has for the water. Well when the time was up we literally had to drag Jaylee out of the water!