Friday, January 22, 2010


Here is our sweet little Brynlee!!!!! She is so sweet other than the hours of 9-midnight those are her screaming hours!!! She has started to finally sleep at four hour stretches so I am a much more pleasant person to be around!


The kids love to wrestle with daddy...and this is usually what they look like when they are done!

Brecken has a new found love for boiled eggs...the problem is he has realized he doesn't like the yolk, so of course the solution is to chew it all up and then spit it out everywhere!

Snow Fun

My wonderful husband...made the kids a snow fort under the trampoline, I have to admit it was pretty sweet! Even Buster likes to go in it! But as you can see it is super low to the ground yet Mark still climbs in and plays with the kids!

Honestly MJ (Mark Jr)(This is Breckens new nickname!) He has the most beautiful eyelashes! I love just staring at them, I realize that sounds a little creepy but I can't help myself!

Well I have decided the snow really isn't going anywhere for along better make the most of it! Mimi(Melanie) who is my step mom came out and loved looking at the snow...being in it was another story and not to mention it was like -20 all week and that was without the wind chill! But it was super fun to have her out I love any help I can get!!!! We had fun just shopping and hanging out in the house! Really when it is that cold out just getting into your car is terrible!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Day After X-Mas

I am a little out of order here but oh my parents couldn't make it Christmas day because of the weather but they made it up the next day! So that was fun we got to have Christmas twice! And my wonderful mom made a great meal and cleaned and cooked more meals. I realize now that I didn't take very many pictures oops....

Brynlee's First Christmas

I seriously loved all my nurses at the hospital, but Deb and Wendy were by far my favorites! Deb got Brynlee that cute little fleece hat. I thought it was so adorable just because it was so big and she was so small! Deb was great she was the first nurse to let me hold her. I think she saw how depressed I was and thought it would help, and let me tell ya it did. It is so hard to carry a little baby inside of you for nine months and then not get to hold her for several days....I know that I shouldn't complain there were other babies in there that were several weeks old that barely got to be held. It is just amazing to me the bonding that happens when you are able to hold the new little bundle.

Christmas Morning

This was our very first Christmas at our own house! It was very nice to just wake up and do our own thing. Of course we made Santa cookies the night before....and he must haveiked him b/c we all got spoiled! jaylee was really worried that santa wouldn't have a sewing machine but he managed to get one for her...And little tool man got a tool bench!

Hospital Pictures

Here are just a few random pictures I took in the hospital. Brecken loved riding around on the little Dr chair! There are no pictures of the kids with Brynlee because they weren't allowed to be in the NICU, so they actually never got to see her until we brought her home. And let me tell ya what Jaylee was devastated about that! She has been wanting a sister ever since we had Brecken, at one point she asked if we could trade brecken in and get a girl instead. So needless to say not being able to see the new baby was very difficult for her. Brecken on the other had could have cared less. Wendy was Brnylee's main nurse and I am so grateful we had her! She really helped keep me grounded, she was a little abrasive but it was great for me.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby Brynlee

Brynlee Nicole was born on December 10, 2009
She was an even 7 lbs and 19.5 inches
When she was born she had pneumonia so we had to stay in the NICU with her for ten days. I am sure that may have been the hardest ten days of my life. Not just because she was in the NICU but I felt like I needed to be at home with the other two as well as be at the hospital with her. Luckily my mom felt all the stress I was having and came and picked up Jay and Brecken for a week! I love living this close to family! We were discharged a few days before Christmas and everything was fine. Other than the NICU stay my labor was wonderful. It was fast and easy with a great recovery!