Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Watch out... Here comes my diva in training! JJ thought it would be fun to put here sunglasses on her...and she was right it was super funny.

Lovin the Fingers

This month Bryn discovered that she has fingers...and even better she thinks that they taste yummy.


Here are just some random pics from the month...

Lovin the Exersauscer

Bryn is finally to the stage of really loving to be playing.. I just can't help my self she is sooo freaking cute. Oh those cheeks just crack me up. I love kissing them.. Sometimes I kiss them so much that she gets mad at me.


Billy..the Catepillar

Meet Billy...He is JJ's little caterpillar....for now anyways. I will try my hardest to keep this one alive. BC the last on died. OOPS.. I even put fresh greens in the cage and everything. I love living here bc it is so colorful and there are so many creatures for the kids to play with. It is so fun to be outside and watch them hunt for new little bugs.

The Girlies

Oh looking at these makes my heart melt. I can't explain how much I love my kids. I love taking pictures just to be able to replay those moments that just bring so much happiness. JJ loves to make Bryners laugh! It is so fun to watch her bounce her up and down and blow on her cheeks.

Bird Feeders

We found a bunch of pine cones so JJ asked if we could make some birdie feeders...Of course we can! Even though its the squirrels that eat them! And her little friend Torie came over to help.

All Caged Up

We got Buster Brown a kennel....because if not whenever I leave even if he has spent all day outside he pees! YUCK! So when Buster isn't in it the other two are!

Football Future?

Ah...maybe he will be a future QB for IA! He was hanging out all morning carrying around his football with his dad's hat on!!! He wouldn't let me get a picture until I threw him down and tickled him!

Pasta Man

My poor son seriously can't find happiness unless he is dirty!!!!


So I left Mark with MJ all clean and ready for bed.....and I came home to this! Check out the middle picture where it's all in his grill! Wow!

We (heart) Our Sister Missionaries

Sis Myers beat Mark!!!!

JJ and sis Cali

So if anyone ever comes to ur door with awesome blk name tags you should let them in and hear them out...They will share a truly inspiring message with you that could change your life...It has changed mine tremendously!


Sometimes it just amazes me what keeps these two entertained! This went on for like an hour!

The big Bro

MJ for the most part really doesn't pay much attention ti Bryners..which I like! But every now and then his lovey side comes out and he wants to hold and snuggle her. So of course i feel the need to capture it every time.


We have a very basic bedtime routine.. eat, bathe, read, pray! B man is really starting to enjoy the routine...finally! I love my boys!

The Big Sis

JJ is such a wonderful and caring big sister...she just adores B Baby! I love watching her smother her. I couldn't ask for a better big sister for Bryners. JJ loves to help change her dress her hold her you name it she pretty much helps. It just truly shows me the wonderful spirit that JJ is filled with.

Smiles for daddy

B Baby is all smiles for her DaDa!

The Circus

The Circus was in of course we had to go and check it out! It was pretty fun, I was seriously scared for the tiger/lion tamer! There was an anger looking lion in with her. Kevin was planning an escape route...just in case the lion went a -wall... Overall it was a really good time.


Mj and Buster are little buds...for the most part :)