Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The last night ended with one kid crying and the other two pooped out! I must admit they were troopers though we went to like 4 plays and walked around for two days straight! Good job guys!

This was part of the Pageant. It was a wonderful play depicting the Saints in Nauvoo. It was so wonderful done! I was so into it that I couldn't take pictures!

A good ol game of stick pull

This was Breckens favorite game..of course because it involved a stick!

At the Pioneer County Fair there where tons of old pastime games! We had a blast! Mark and I had as much if not more fun than the kids!

So a wagon can only hold 2000lbs of weight and 1100 had to be the food that they needed and the rest was all your personal items! Could you image? To up and leave with nearly nothing and cross the Midwest? Those pioneers had some really strong testimonies! Seeing there strength has definitely made me want to be stronger in my own personal testimony.

Jaylee and Brecken had to give out some knuckle sandwiches.

Brigham Young's home had actually been occupied the entire time since the Mormons left Nauvoo. So it was really cool to see some of the original things like the flooring and wood work that he did.

This was John Taylor's original rocking horse. He had given it to one of his children and when they left Nauvoo the child was inconsolable and President Taylor rode back and snuck in and got. I say snuck because there were men trying to kill the leaders of the Church! So he loved his child so much that he risked his life to bring a little peace to the young child! Luckily it had been passed down through generations and the family donated it!
Tom wanted to see what it would be like to be an ox.

This is the beautiful view from his backyard

This is Jonathan Browning the famous gun maker.

Jaylee really loved this actor....

Like two competitive children they played each one trying to beat each other.

Brecken loved this little bear race game...enough that was hugging each one of them.

MJ loved riding this little sheep

Our fun flash back to 1840

More smiles from my baby girl.

Yes I tried my hardest...and couldn't walk even a few inches. It was funny watching Mark try to help me though because I am way to hard headed for help!

Mark fell and took out Grandpa Tom.

Mark learned he has a new skill....walking on stilts... That was so much harder than it looked!

My happy girl!! This is her at the hotel after being out all day in the heat....and yet she was still happy.

I was slightly obsessed with this wagon....

I think that JJ wore Sara out! The two of them danced for almost the entire musical.

Jaylee loving on her little sister. She loves Brynlee so much she is constantly wanting to hold her and kiss her.

Jaylee got to be in a little children's parade before the show. It was super cute they made little hats and then gave all the kids an instrument. Brecken was too but it was more forced!!!

grandpa and baby girl. Grandpa was really nice to have around! He always noticed when I needed help, it was really relaxing to have him there to help out! My two boys

President Hinkley referred to the Nauvoo and Salt Lake Temple as bookends because they face each other. They are bookend to the endless stories that were lost in the journey out west.

Mark helped the kids make their own rope.

JJ being a little mini mommy. Making Brecken leave.

Here's what we would've looked like in the pioneer days.

This was the mock blacksmith who showed us how a horse shoe was made and gave us a "prairie diamond". The blacksmith was the last to leave town during the exxudous becasue he was busy making carriages for the other towns people
This was the Priesthood Building. It was also the very first MTC ever. Josesp Smith made the top level into a museum so that the missionaries could show off some of the trinket they got from other countries.

This was on the trail of inspiration....Oh I think that was what it was called...Any ways it had a bunch of excerpts from peoples journals. It was really an insight to what they had gone through and what they were about to go through.

This statute is placed on the Mississippi where they crossed the river to begin their journey across the plains.

We had a mini vacation down to Nauvoo. It was such an amazing getaway. The spirit there is indescribable. It has so much history and so much joy and sorrow. The few days we spent there strengthed my testimony so much. I felt closer to our Savior in ways that I never had before. I am sad that I didn't take any pictures while we rode on the ox and carriage! I didn't know that ox are just big cows...once they are so big they are considered and ox instead of a steer.

Oh Bryneeee

Here is my little cutie loving on his little sis. He just says Oh Brynee over and over again. It is pretty cute. I really love watching them all grow together and form little relationships with each other.


Very few things could be grosser than this. I forgot to mention that added to chewing on things
she blows out of everything!! Can I say YUCK!


I love this little face that she makes!! I think that it is just so cute.
All this little girl does is grow...and chew on things. She is the chewest little baby I have ever had! She puts anything she can in that mouth of hers.

Snuggle Buddies

Mark is such a snuggler...and he will take up any opportunity to snuggle. He was lucky to snag this moment with Brecks because he is usually a momma's boy and doesn't snuggle very much.