Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy 7th JJ

What a fun day!  Jaylee got packages all week from our family it was so much fun!  We didn't have a party this year because their was just to much going on.  So on Saturday morning she woke up and got to open all of her presents.  She is so nice she let the other two help her out, I love how kind she is!

 It wouldn't be a birthday without some Hawkeye gear!

 Mark ran over her scooter so...he got her a new one!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween in August!

The kids love to play dress up.  I love it!  I love how Bryn just pull up a skirt!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Pyro in the making! O is he already made?  We bought so many sparklers that I don't think we will ever run out! So my little Pyro and my big Pyro were playing together.  Mark had to burn a bunch of tree stuff we had cut down so it was the perfect opportunity for MJ to play with his sparklers!

 Yep that is a safety violation!
 JJ and one of the neighbor girls!  There are always someone to play with here!

Friday, September 21, 2012

MVF 2012

So like always we did one day of rides, one day of animals and a day of shows!  It is just some small town fun that we love to do!
 One of the best things about the fair is ice cold fresh lemonade!
 This was the kids favorite ride this year!  We rode it so many times! It was hard because I had to go down with MJ or Bryn so they had to trade every other one! Every time JJ and I raced and she beat me every single time!

 The girls wanted to ride a camel this year instead of the ponies!

 These are my loves! Miss J is the best little mommy ever!  Sometimes she just takes control and says "Ok guys it's time to hold hands!"  I love when they are all getting along!

 B man decided on the Ponies!
 He wanted to be like a Cowboy!  It was pretty awesome.

 The concerts this year weren't quite the line up I hoped for but ended up being really good! We saw the Band Perry, Billy Currington, Brantley Gilbert and Montgomery Gentry (WHO WAS AWESOME!)

 Bryn suckered Grandpa into carring her everywhere!
 At the penguin dive show which you would think would be lame right, nope they were really entertaining!

 My mom is up for re-election so I gotta support the cause! She is an amazing woman who has done a lot of good for Scott County.
 JJ and Mj wanted to bring home a cow so bad, really we should live on a farm!

The last night at Montgomery Gentry with cousin Anna Banana

 Family is so much fun to have around especially this guy!  He is a crack up! (My Uncle Steve)

 Grandpa HATES paying money for games and we have never done it before because he hates them that much....this year he got suckered into it!  He is such a good guy!

 We spent a lot of time feeding the animals, the kids just eat it up.

 Crazy Tree Man... Weird but cool.

The fair is one of my favorite Summer activities because I love going to my Aunts house and hanging out before we walk over.  She always has yummy goodies and coolers full of drinks and most of the family is usually on her porch hanging out!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE being with them, I have been so blessed to have all of them in my life and they all love my kids so much. I love doing things that are a routine, so like every year my kids know that Grandpa will take them to the Fair.  It just creates such fun memories for them!  I am especially thankful that even tough my step dad was super busy with work and his church callings he took time off to hang with me and the kids.  Seriously we are so blessed with family, not only on my side but with all of Marks family too!