Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome Fred

So we came home and my mom had a squirrel??? I guess it fell from our tree and now she is trying to help him get big and strong!!!

Whatcha doin???

SO I saw Jaylee under her bike and of course had to ask...So whatcha doing there Jaylee? And she popped up and looked at me a serious as serious could get and said " Oh nothin mom just changing the oil"

Better late than never....

Starting "em out young!! Go Hawkeyes!!!! It was just presents

and more presents!!! Jaylee got way to spoiled,

Heres the start of the terrible threes.

We had a little party for Jaylee this last Sunday, and of course she was quite the princess!! We had the entire family over and had a great time!!!

Princeton Days

This was also Jaylee's first trip on a boat, she wasn't to sure about it!!

I guess after watching me eat it so many times it wore Jaylee out!!

It's that time of year!!

Parade Time.... In Iowa at the end of summer there are always tons of parades. And b/c my mom is running for auditor we attend all of them and pass out candy, so anyone in the the Scott County Iowa area Vote Moritz!!! And like always Jaylee loves to be the center of attention.

Baby Macy

Well Jaylee recently informed that Macy needs to be buckled in too!

Gettin Big

He is really starting to develop a personality

Hello little fishy

Jaylee's new buddy Aunt Carol or aunt Rol

Uncle Matt and little B hanging out at camp

JJ said "Oh, I love that little fishy...Oh hi little fishy!!!"

The catch!!!

We went fishing and actualy caught something, well by we I mean mark and my uncle matt, it's a little hard to fish with three year old. But Mark totally cuaght this little guy and jaylee loved it.

Fun at camp

A little dirt never hurt anyone, right??? Well whats missing is that when she was done she ran up and hugged me and just smeared mud everywhere, thanks Sara!

Carrots anyone????

Yeah, the carrots didn't go to well....

Just JJ

Yep that's my little Jaylee

Little prodigy

She loves to sing and play the piano, I definitely see music in the future for her.

My little firecracker

The very first thing everyones says about him is wow his hair is so red!!! He doesn't look his best in this picture but I still think he is cute!!

Hello little guy

Jaylee loves little squirmy things, heres her new inch worm friend.... Until the unthinkable happened.... it pooped on her and she lost it!!! She was freaking out get it off get it off it was super funny

Grandma's little Surprise

Introducing.....Little Bill

Fair Week

Brecken didn't really like the fair to much it was way too hot for his liking!

It wouldn't be fair week without a fried milky way!!! So it was so good that Jaylee is licking all the powdered sugar out of the container!!!

Here we are actually making our own rope!!! It was kinda cool!

She was really gettin into the concert!!!

Choking grandpa tom with her necklace, I guess those long necklaces should come with a warning!!!

The petting zoo is always a favorite!!!

She would ride on the elephant but not on the little ponies, what's up with that????

FaIr WeEk (rides)

The caterpillar was her favorite ride!!! She got so excited and kept standing up and cheering Whoa -hoo it was hysterical

She was totally sassing me in this picture!! Little stinker

Every little princess needs a pony!!!

My Two kiddos

Um we just snapped this after church so it's not great Jaylee wanted to go eat so we hurried and just took one but it really shows how big Brecken is getting!!! I think they have the same size head!

Best Buds

Jaylee is singing to Brecken "roll your hands, roll your hands as quickly and quickly" and then just starts over, she doesn't quite know the rest of the song, but hey that is great for a 3 year old!

Keeping Cool

So to keep cool every week we had to hit up the public pool and take a little dip...Brecken wasn't to sure about it at first but he learned to like it....and of course the little fishy loved it!