Wednesday, September 3, 2008


My sister got this beanie for Jaylee when she was in Ireland and Jaylee just loves to wear it and so she put it on and said "Mommy take a picture of my hat"

Niabi Zoo

We miss our daddy!!

Ever since she rode the elephant at the fair she has been obsessed with them so when we saw this little guy she said "Oh mommy I need to ride that little guy"

"MOO!! MOO!!" a cow says moo, mommy okay!!

No more Monkeying around

My two little monkeys!!!

Go Cheerleaders!!!

No question about it she is definitely my daughter!!

So we went to my lil sis's game and watched her cheer and Jaylee loved it!!! She was just dancing around saying " GO Cheerleaders!" "Go West!" IN the picture above she is twirling around making her own cheer. Not only was everyone in the audience laughing at her so where all the cheerleaders, She is just picking up all kinds of new talents! Now Jaylee always want us to watch her cheer!