Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wave runners!!!

Kind of missing the main point..the wave runner but we all had a blast!!! It is such a blessing to have neighbors who are so generous!!!! I feel so blessed I have a beautiful family, we travel a lot, we have an amazing extended family who all loves us, we are all healthy and we have gotten to do so many great things!

My little man hanging out on the dock!

My man is soooo cute!!! My little sister Tessa LOVES him...mainly because he is like her own personal toy!

Jaylee really loved the jet skis...I was really surprised because she hates to ride on four wheelers so I thought for sure it would be hard to get her on it..Not so much, once she got a taste of the speed she was hooked...."faster mommy" she would say, "Mommy go like daddy on the waves" Mark would make huge waves and then go really fast over them and she loved it! We were waiting on the dock and she was screaming "jet skis!!"

Friday, October 17, 2008

Disney World

This is our trip to Disney World... You get to see it from the end to the beginning, oops sorry. I have never been to Disney in October, it was by far probably the best time to go!!! It was a beautiful day I must stress beautiful!!! Disney completely redecorates for fall... They ripped out all of flowers and replaced them with beautiful fall colored flowers! They also had pumpkins and scarecrows everywhere. It was so festive and so so so amazing the work that must have gone into it! This was Brecken's first trip to Disney and he was a little young to enjoy it but there was one thing he really enjoyed, the food! Jaylee had a great time she really had a blast riding all the rides and watching all the cute shows that they have. It was so fun. Splash Mountain is a tradition and I always feel bad for those poor souls who get put on our boat, because there is always a war between me, Mark and Melanie on who can get off the wettest! I am surprised we haven't gotten kicked off the ride yet!!

Every time we went by the castle Jaylee told me that it was HER princess castle! She made sure to stretch that it belonged to her...

This is my future house!!! And to think you can rent it out for only like $3,000 a night.

All pooped out.... I can't believe the kids made it until 10:30 before they all lost their minds. The funniest part was when we were walking back to our car Jaylee looked back and said" Thank you so much Mickey for letting me come see you!" It was darn cute!

It doesn't get much more candid than this....This is really what it is like when you aren't trying to get everyone to look at the camera!!! And REALLY no one even looks happy??? What in the world is really going on??? Isn't this supposes to be the happiest place on earth?

Out of all the fun rides the people mover was her favorite, I must say I am a little dumbfounded..the people mover really??? I guess she really loves watching people!

The girls...
And the boys!!!

There were so many fun rides for her this year so rode Aladdin, peter pan, dumbo, pooh really anything in fantasy land she could ride it was super fun!!!

Jaylee loved riding the train... Every time the conductor blew his whistle she screamed "Holla Horn!" Which also means "All Aboard!"

Where do I get me one of those???'s three o clock and he is already pooped

I am not quite sure if Tessa is enjoying herself in this picture!!! The other two sure are!

She is always having a good time... Even when we are just waiting in line

Really, who's bright idea was it to give him ice cream.... Well his dad was holding him but who was feeding him??? The one bright side was it sure did cool him down! Still isn't justified though! Look at how intense he is about it too.

OH my HECK I think he is so darn cute I just can't get over his cute, innocent little smile it just make me want to bite him!

Heck no I won't touch that crazy talking dog!!! A year ago I could get her away from the characters and now I can't get her near them!


Jaylee is a nut case...actually she calls herself a knuckle-head (Thanks Uncle Matt!) But I am beginning to agree with her because who else drinks there sippy cup with there feet?

Dress Up

While Jaylee was playing dress up she found a cape...Because Jaylee isn't really familiar with how a cape was worn she made it into an elegant dress. And told me "Look mommy this part is to cover my boobies!" How can I argue with that?

Puppet Show

Sadie, my dad and Jaylee gave us a wonderful little puppet show. Jaylee didn't know what to say so she just copied everything that Sadie said...hum go figure! Jaylee's just thought that she was hysterical the little drama queen loves anytime that she feels like everyone is paying sole attention to her.

Jaylee's new pet

Jaylee made my dad catch her a little lizard, she said just had to have it! The best part was watchcing my dad try to catch it without touching it. It is the same lizard that is in the picture below.

Creepy Crawlies are all around!

This is our guardian..the hawk. I like him because he hunts the snakes that live around our house... The picture totally sucks because I took it from inside our screened patio, I knew if I even opened the door he would fly away.

this is the baby gator that has taken up residence in the little pond next to our house! No worries though, when he gets big enough that he could eat me he will move into the lake behind us...the same lake we go boating in.... I feel like that is wrong on so many levels, swimming or boating with full knowledge of what lies beneath me, yuck! ( the little gator is in the middle of the picture, I had a hard time trying to get the picture to not have a reflection when it was so bright out)

Florida is a beautiful place... so much so that it has many different kinds of residents as you can see.

I have raised a dog!

Yes my little angel is not quite a little angel any more....She loves to wrestle and lick people!

Fat Boy

Little fat boy loves, loves, loves food. One problem he is really kind of lazy and doesn't want to eat it from a spoon because it doesn't get in his mouth quick enough!

Week Two...Daytona Beach

So the second week that we were at my dad's we stayed at a condo in Daytona for about a week. The days were spent body boarding and more body boarding mixed with some sand castle making and the nights were filled with movies and warm showers!! There are to living rooms so it was great the kids could watch whatever they wanted(within reason) and we could watch whatever we wanted!! It was amazing the condo is on a private beach so we were usually alone and we were on the first floor! It was really really fun...if you are like me and refuse to completely grow up and still like to act like a kid. Thanks Melanie for the amazing hook up!!!!

This beautiful picture is the view from my bedroom!! AHHH...a little bit of heaven on earth.

If Brecken could talk I know exactly what he would say..."Hand over the pudding lady!"


Umm, I think Brecken didn't love the beach to hot and sandy, he wasn't sure what to think about the sand other than he hated it! Thank heavens for beach sheets

What a beautiful way to end a day.

My little man...

During that week stay there was a lot of body boarding...and a lot of board rash too, I had board rash for a week after we left, Mark was smart and wore a shirt most of the time so he didn't get it so bad.

These were great body boarding waves big enough with a lot of current or umph to make you fly

Look at those waves...that is my dad out there and he is 5"11 the waves go up to his shoulders...great body boarding waves!!!!

My little brick man...(that is his nickname, not sure why but it is)

You can't tell that she's having fun can you????

MORE Lounging around...

"Here dolphin, dolphin, dolphin!" Much to Jaylee's disappointment her dolphin call didn't work quite as good as expected. Every morning around 7:30 we would watch a little pod of dolphins swim by, it was such a peaceful feeling to wake up and have breakfast pretty much on the beach and hear the waves crashing in onto the sand and then look out and watch the three dolphins swim by honestly I am sure not much beats that! ( in my book at least)

Watch out crazy lifeguard on duty!!!

Ride 'em Cowboy

We got a special visit from great-grandma Darlin'( She is going to kill me for writing great on here!) Honestly look how darn cute she is!

Monkey See....Monkey DO

Jaylee tries to copy everything that Sadie does and says... Although Jaylee isn't always as graceful as her little Aunt. Sometimes it really ticks Sadie off to have a little mirror of everything that she does, but for the most part it is just really fun to watch!!

Gettin Reacquainted

The first week we were here was spent getting reacquainted with everyone...(the girls) And this was actually the first time that my little sisters got to meet Brecken.