Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Well to keep ya'll up to date one of Jaylee's favorite things are trucks!!! That's my girl! So she got her dream come true when the fireman let her get in the fire truck! Then we asked her what a fire truck says and she said weeeho weeho. It was hysterical. Here's another funny story. So we were reading a book about construction trucks and I pointed to one and asked her "what's that?" and she looked at it and then look up at me and said "excavator". I had to look at the book because I didn't even know that!!! Come on how many of ya'll no what an excavator is? Anyways I am way behind on all my pictures from my trips so I guess that I have given up on scrapbooking for awhile!!! But here are some pictures from our trip back to Iowa for the fair!!! We had a total blast. It was really good to be home.


Well the best part of the fair was walking through all the animals listening to Jaylee make the animal noises! The cows were her favorite! This is where we spent most of ours days because it was all that she wanted to do and if any of you know Jay she gets pretty much what she wants! Especially of grandpa had anything to do with it!

Baby Goat

This little guy was only a day old!!! Jaylee loved petting him!!! He was so freakin cute that it made me want to have a farm!


Here is my cute sister!!! Thanks to her Jaylee went on a ton of rides!!!


This was Jaylee's favorite ride at the fair.....every time we walked by it she had to ride it!! So what do you do when your riden a horse chasen a zebra and gettin chased by a lion?.......you get your drunk a** off the carousel. Okay I seriously thought that was to funny not to share. Funnel Cakes 8 dollars.... Endless carousel rides 15 dollars.... Jaylee's face priceless!!!!! Okay that was dumb but hopefully you at least can laugh at it or me, which ever!

Josh Turner

So I don't even like country but this guys voice was amazing!!!! He just sounded awesome!!! Although I don't like country I have been to several country concerts and they are by far the best entertainers and usually sound better in person!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So it's been a busy couple of weeks!!! We got home from Iowa on Wednesday in enough time to do laundry and pack again. Tomorrow we leave for Florida! Well I didn't have time to scrapbook any of my pictures from Iowa but we had a blast! We went to a whole bunch of concerts, including Big and Rich, Josh Turner, Gretchen Wilson, Poison, and Chris Cagle. Pretty much it was a concert every night we were there. I was surprised how much Jaylee loved to shake her booty. Jaylee really loved being spoiled the whole time by my family. I was able to read two books Twilight and New Moon. I recommend them to anyone who enjoys a good love story/suspense. It really only took me two days to read them both! So i really enjoyed them. On Thursday I had my first Dr. appt. and everything looks good! The baby has a normal heart rate and that's about it. When we get back from Florida I will try to catch up on some of the fun we had in Iowa!