Monday, November 10, 2008

Another new Friend

This girl loves bugs and crawlies of all sorts...This is a Japanese Beetle, although it looks a lot like a lady bug these little guys bite! They eat something that grows on soy bean farms, I am not exactly sure what but they get bad right after the farmers harvest their crops. Oh and obviously we are back in Iowa!!!! This is the last of the stretch and then we are home....for a few months at least!


So for a few months Jaylee has been asking for earrings....I have been putting it off to make sure that she was completely ready to get them and so one day she asked again for them and I told her ya know it is going to hurt!!! She said Okay, so I pinched her ear real hard and said are you sure? Yep mommy I am sure I want Princess earrings....Then my Grandma Darlin'(Darling) came in town and offered to take Jaylee to get it done so here she is waiting to get her new additions!


So that obviously isn't going to happen....Yeah so the gloves scared her, out of all the things it was the gloves! It was a good try! But we walked away with no new holes!

Trick Or Treat

PLease don't kill me for posting this I thought it was super cute...Brecken and his Mimi.
Now that is a smile!!!!

Grandma Darling and my little Frog
Smell me feet..... Jaylee was a blast!!! At first she stayed in the wagon but once she realized that each house with a light on had candy she got out and RAN from house to house she was hard to keep up with...She lasted until nine o'clock I couldn't believe it!! I accidentally ding dong ditched a house out of stupidity and would like to share my experience so it will give you all something to laugh at...So I took Jay up to this house and totally rang the doorbell and then I realized oh crap they're light isn't on....shoot so I picked up Jaylee and ran for it, well I ran the wrong way and had to pass by the house again and the lady was totally in her window watching us, honestly sometimes I wonder how I walk and talk at the same time!!!

Out numbered!!!

Well it was three girls taking on one boy...needless to say we won!!! We all love wrestle time!!! All except for maybe Mark....when he is getting jumped all over!

The Frog Prince and his Princess

The Frog Prince and the Princess........

Humm...well kinda that would be incest but we won't think of it that way....more of trying to get a theme with only three people involved!!! So Jaylee and my lil sis Sadie were little Princesses and big B was a frog Prince and when they kissed him it really worked he turned into a little Prince!

My little Pumpkin Heads!!

Time for lunch!
No wonder why Jaylee always smiles with her mouth all big and crazy....I can't figure out where she gets it from.

No seriously Brecken looks like a big round pumpkin with his orange hair!!

Him Big!!!!

Thanks Mel I now am always saying " Oh him big" A little piece of Mimi that I brought with me!! So Brecken crawls now!!! In a month he went from barely sitting up to sitting up, crawling, holding his own bottle, finding the bink and putting it in his mouth and saying "MaMa" to bad it actually just means that he is hungry!

Grandma and Grandpa Pi's Halloween fun

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Pi the kids got a killer Halloween package in the mail...ANd honestly what is better than getting anything in the mail, there is some sort of magic in mail (not including bills) it always makes me happy and all kid like inside, so I call it magic mail!!! In this lovely package there was all sorts of fun vampire teeth (of which I had to wear around and tell Mark that Edward bit me!! if you haven't read twilight you probably won't get that!) so teeth and snacks and pez and pjs!!! It was super fun thanks!!

Animal Whisperer

I think Brecken is an animal whisperer all animals just kinda flock to him and he loves it he gets the biggest smile and just squeals!!