Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fun With a Box

We got a huge box of book from my book order, and the kids just loved playing in it!  So then I went and got a few more one for each child.  They seriously loved  them.

 Then once the fun was over we re invented the box!  Each of them made their very own car..When Jj was making hers our house was very hectic and I didn't take any pictures..oops.  Brecken made his during nap time.
 Then we had a drive in movie!
 Bryn only liked Breckens car..mainly because she loves irritating him!

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Hider

Bryn is a little hider!  She is always finding places to hide and camping out until someones comes and finds her.  She also loves to hide when she is pooping!  Maybe she will be easier to potty train than Brecken!

What's SO Funny

Jay is sooo much like me it's ridiculous!  When she gets tired she gets the giggles and laughs forever for no reason.  This was one of those nights!  She had been laughing for at least 2 minutes before I even got up to get the camera!  My favorite part is how she just abruptly stops!  Because I am her mom I think it's so funny.  I hope some of you enjoy it as well.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pizza Night

The kids love to make pizza....Well Brecken just eats the cheese! Jaylee loves to actually do the rest.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I babysat for one of the residents for a few weeks while their nanny had a baby, so we had an extra 4,3 and 2 year old here for a was slightly nuts!  We had fun though we made lots of crafts and forts and jumped in the bounce house.  Brecken loved having boys around because most of our playgroups it's all girls!



Super Bowl Sick Day

My kids both had a fever so we didn't end up going to our party..but Grandma Connie (neighbor) made us some yummy super bowl food and Torie and her Boyfriend came over and watched the game.  It was super chill but a lot of fun!

JJ's Testimony..

Jaylee loves to write on her easel!  She leave people little love notes and practices her words.  She wrote this one Sunday while I was getting everyone else ready:

I Love Jesus Christ
If ye black (Supposed to be LACK) wistum (wisdom)
let him asc (ask) of God
I can't tell what the next line says, and now I hate myself for being so far behind :(
Mac (make) good choices
mind your family
clen (clean) your room
be proactive
dang and I forgot the last line too!

I am really proud of her little testimony and the knowledge that she has and the love that she has for the savior.  I am proud that she is an amazing speller, she is only 5.5!  She amazes me everyday.  I love her so much, she has a very special and very tender place in my heart that is just hers.

I LOVE MY Neighbors!!!

Big Torie made the kids each a valentine cookie with there name on it!  That's Brecks finger picking his out!  The kids love her so much and so do I.  She always comes and play with the kids when she comes home from college..which is a lot this year :)  We really couldn't be more blessed we really do love them.

Fancy Nancy Spa

So I am still blogging from January when we where keeping ourselves entertained mainly indoors to get out of the blistering cold, so we decided to have a Fancy Nancy Spa Day! I consisted of reading how to have a Spa Day, a Foot Soak, a Face Mask and JJ did my hair.  It was super fun and took a long time!

Here is the "Fancy Foot Soak"  there are marbles in the bottom, which felt really good on the toeies.
 A Banana Face Mask...I let JJ put one on me too...It felt so cold and weird.
 Brecken was a bit hesitant about the face mask so he just ate the cucumbers instead.

 Then he finally got bored and decided to decorate his apple tree with theory is what ever keeps him busy and won't kill him!

Dirty Spoons..

Well it is a little hard to tell but this spoon is dirty it has brownie batter on it...Brecken loves to use a utensil and then put it back into the drawer!  If you ever come over for dinner make sure to check your spoons!

The Cleaner or...

THE MESS MAKER!  This boy loves to make may ask yourself well where is his supervision.  Well she was trying to make dinner and take care of a screaming one year old and this little guy took that opportunity to clean the bathroom sink and mirrors!