Thursday, September 23, 2010

August 18th

This was JJ's real birthday!  We had just got home from a week at my mom's two days before that and left the next day we left for Chicago!  So this was all she got some cupcakes and her bff little Torie and Grandma Connie and Papa.  But she loved it!  She helped make her jelly bean cupcakes.  She came up with the idea to put jelly beans in cupcakes (well maybe she saw it somewhere) but she thought it was so cool.


MJ loves to pretend like the toothpicks are candles (He is a pyro)!  Finally after he dumped them out like five times Mark gave me the bright idea to move them.  Why didn't I think of that?
So this is my little devil...He is so naughty.  He constantly is getting into things the fridge (I even got a fridge lock, he figured it out within two days!), microwave everything!  He loves to take things apart, my neighbor calls him a gear head..I think he is on to something with that nickname!

Birthday Girl

My mom had a birthday party for Miss J!  It was a fun party, my whole family came to support her!  Jaylee loves to get spoiled!  I only took these two pictures, oops.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fair 2010

Aunt Pam taught JJ had to call cows or pigs anyhoo this was her up on the fence callin 'em.

Brecks favorite part were the animals!
JJ and Her Great Aunt Carol
JJ and her Great Aunt Pam
Aunt shortage of aunts in this family!
Jaylee thought it was funny how all the girls got up on the boys in the we(Mark) helped her up.
Auntie Sara
Oh yes and the one picture of Brecken, he totally uses Tom. I think Tom likes it though!
So this was all I got as far as pictures from the fair...OOPS.  Wow no one told me that with three kids your hands are always full even when you have help.  I seriously have had such a harder time trying to take pictures since having Bryn because when I am not holding her I don't want to carry around my heavy camera..I want to have free hands, but then I regret not having pictures.  Ugh, quite the dilemma.  So the fair was fun like always...I passed on some of the delicious food that I love like deep fried oreos and I only had one funnel cake, so I think my body is proud of me.  The kids had fun they got to ride tons of rides and JJ was big enough for some of the big kid stuff so she thought that was neat!


Brecken is finally starting to like to snuggle..for at least like a minute!  Grandma Roxie was able to catch a quick snuggle from him.

Dierks Bentley

Ummm. I think that this was at the Dierks concert...ahh this is what sucks at being so far behind!  We saw Dierks, ZZTop, Eric Church and Blake Shelton while we were at the fair...So I guess that this is one of them..well not ZZ Top!


I would like to put out there that have I mentioned I LOVE this little girl!  It amazes me daily how differently you love each child. 
Speaking of loving differently Brecks love is more of a daily gratitude that I made it through the day without killing him! jk He is very special, he has learned how to be cute to get out of trouble..I am on to you mister!

He just had to mark up the glass right after I cleaned it, seriously why do I even clean?
This is my beloved Torie...this pic was take before she left me for Colorado!  We love her so much, she has been a great help to me with the kids.  We all miss her so much!
My lil sis Sadie saw a picture of miss B and said "Holy crap she looks like the Christmas HAM!"

Friday, September 17, 2010


I love the weather here...minus some of the super humid days..  But the kids love to be outside and we have a good sized yard so it works out well, and the neighbors share their yard with us!  Brecken loves to mow, before he starts he even pretends to fill it up with gas!  Bryners is starting to like the swing, it has taken a little longer than the other two but she is getting there.


Just a post of my crazy kids!  These kids seriously make my heart melt!  They are so goofy and fun at times it is hard to keep up with them but I really appreciate their fun crazy attitudes.
Brecken has learned to climb up the counter and loves to find the toaster and plug it in!!!  He usually waits until I go to the restroom to do this...sneaky boy!


Here's my crazy girl on the flight home from Utah..She did so well.  I was really proud of the kids, traveling is hard especially when they have to stay in a small area for 3 hours! 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun Times

Sleep Over!
Trouble Makers
Bryn has the biggest smile..I always think that she is just going to burst out laughing but nothing efer comes out!  It is kind of funny.


With all the traveling the kids were actually pretty good!  We seriously drove so much!   I am not going to lie I think the St George area is so beautiful~  there is everything there mountains, red rock, snow, heat, lakes really you name they have it!

The girls

Carrie made the girls these cute dresses! Jaylee loves hers so much.  We were so glad to see the Chase Family we miss them so much our kids just love each other!

Kennedy wanted to be one of the girls!!  It was soo cute!

Last Cabin Post

By mid July Bryn was really rolling around!
After Mark's family left, my Grandparents came down and spent the night with us at the Cabin!  I was really glad that I was able to see them!  I don't get so see them very often and they are very special to me!  It's difficult having family all over the country! Especially when you love them all so much!  This was a really enjoyable trip!  Brecken loved hanging out with Grandpa...they became buddies and JJ loved all of the attention Grandma Sugars gave her!