Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All Boy

Brecken is all Boy, always dirty, always getting into mischief, always climbing on things, never listens and is a little lazy.....But still he is so cute I could bite him. I only walked away for a few seconds and he was in the dryer!

Easter Outfits

jaylee and her great grandma Thomas, we were so lucky that she got to come down and visit. The kids really loved seeing her.

And after two pictures of Jaylee she informed me "Mom okay that is it! I only let aunt Jessie take lots of pictures, not you." Okay so I understand the reasoning behind that, Jess's pictures are always way cute, but still it would be nice to have some of her....Nope this was it all two of them.

How said, he looked so cute and these were the only pictures I got. I gave up after two, he was so fussy I just gave up. But he still looked super cute (of course I am a little bias)

Easter Morning

Easter morning was fun, Brecken LOVED his little ball and Jaylee loved her little princesses. I am really grateful for heavenly father to sacrifice his son so that I can wake up to beautiful mornings like this one and know that it doesn't end here.

The Reward....

Matthew got these sweet sunglasses! Lookin good!!!

Pat(my mother in alw) Made these super cute tutu's for all the girls. I think all of her grand kids are spoiled....and they all love it!!!!

Loads and Loads of candy.


Chaser Bean (..that is what Jaylee calls him)
Jay Bird

Okay so this was so cute Chase picked up a pink egg that Jaylee was going for too, and Jaylee said "oh I really wanted that pink egg" and Chase was so sweet and said "Oh here ya go Jaylee!" I just thought it was so super nice. So then they just traded and she gave him a blue one!


Jaylee and Addy are both into being princesses and believe me they both are, Jaylee walked up to Chase and said"Oh Chase will you be my Prince?" It was super cute! They had so much fun dancing around and chasing each other.

Mamma Mia

Even little Kennedy was dancing

How many posts do you think I can make about this!!! I am sure that this won't be the last. I don't think I need to explain what is going on here,

Oh the joys of working...

One night while I was at work and Mark was watching Jaylee this is what happened....By the time I got home the kids were sleeping so I didn't see it until the next morning. I kept looking at her like hum what is different...Oh YOU HAVE BANGS... "Jaylee did daddy cut your bands?" "Oh yeah Daddy had to cut my band out!" Makes sense but you didn't have bands in, okay "Jaylee are you sure?", well she is a sucky liar just like my her face got completely red and she started laughing and said "okay I did it, I needed a hair trim."

His First Ice Cream Cone

Really probably none of you care about this but what is about a baby just eating that is so cute? Well needless to say he loved it! I am sure that not only was it super yummalicious, but it was nice and cold on his gums!

The stool...

...needs to be taken away! I catch her in everything. I can no longer hide candy ontop of the fridge!

Oh no...

We had a little dance party in Jaylee's room. So to make sure that she was center of my attention she danced on her table! She even busted out with some new dance moves.

Jaylee really wants a little sister and I am worried that if I don't have one soon she will turn Brecken into one! He used to not like to have dress up on and now it is becoming normal, yikes!

S'more Fun

oops that isn't a very good picture ...

One night after we put Brecken to sleep we had a little Smores party! It was just fun to do something special just with Jaylee. And who doesn't love a yummy smore on a chilly night!

It' just that bad

And Brecken's thoughts are pretty apparent, my cooking is dull and puts him to sleep! Now wonder why Jaylee never finishes her food. No, I don't think it's that bad, but it was so funny!

Homemade Pool

Yes we are officially white trash, our pool from last year got a hole and with us moving I don't want to buy a new on, so after careful consideration I sprayed the cement down and made a "pool" it's a stretch I know, lucky for me Jaylee has a good imagination.

A Little Fun

We have started packing and it has made several new hiding places for the kids!

We love to WRESTLE everyday we have to get our wrestling in or else we just can't call it a day!