Friday, March 25, 2011

Snow Cave

There are only so many things you can do in the snow..We have colored the snow, made snow angels, snowmen, snow balls, snow forts...but now I made a snow cave.  It was so deep that Mark could get in it with the two older kids and still lay his legs completely out!  I made a queen chair for Miss J inside, that was upon her request.  It even had a "patio" area.  I was seriously so proud of myself it was so cute.

 Jaylee was pretending to be "Shimmer" the polar bear.
 Here is a little cave party.  Brecken had fun just going in there and sitting down, he is so silly.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Cupcake

This is the outfit that Pat (my mother in law) Made the girls...I seriously wanted to DYE.  THey are soo soo cute. It was impossible for me to get my little wiggle worm to look at me.  But these really potrait her personality.

A GREAT Neighbor

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE our neighbors.  It had been so cold and I didn't leave the house for like a week so my wonderful neighbor "papa" brought us some yummy donuts to brighten our frigid day! 
 Brecken thought it would be fun to make a sandwich from them.. He seriously had a bite of every single one of the donuts.  He is a little crazy boy.
My kids go over there like once a day and get gum..I am not sure why but even if we have the exact same gum it's not the same they want Grandma and Papa's gum.  But it's great because they love the kids.

Time to say goodbye..

This has been my best friend for the past five years.  We have shared a lot of great days together.  Without her I would've had crazy, frizzy, unmanageable hair.  The day came that she stopped working and I will tell you that I was seriously upset.  My hair sucks and I went a week before getting a new one!  Not my best week.


I think in a pre existence MJ was a dog... He seriously loves to watch and chase squirrels.  This one squirrel kept him entertained for 20 minutes, that is soooo long for this little guy.  He has a really, really short attention spand.  It was fun to watch Brecken talk to the squirrel and he told me a little story about the squirrel.  .


My sister bought the kids a freaking bounce house!  Oh my goodness does this help those crappy winter days go by.  It takes up most of the basement but it's well worth the fun that it provides.

 Jaylee is our little gymnast.  She has always been super fun and outgoing.

 Bryn loves to just sit and let JJ bounce her.  I love her huge smile!  It literally melts my heart.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gifts from Grandma..and Pi

The joy that a box brings to small children!  When we drove into our driveway and the kids saw a box waiting on the porch they both screamed!  Jaylee was so excited and the minute Brecken got into the house he ran to grab a knife to open it!  The kids LOVE to get mail, especially from grandma.  Mark's parents sent the cutest little box of candy and an outfit that she made for the girls.  The kids of course loved the candy part the most. 

 Bryn even tried eating the candy with the wrapper on it.


 Torie bought matching earrings to make Jaylee feel special.

For JJ's Half Birthday she got her ears pierced!  She had been asking for months to do it and I kept saying no because the last time was so traumatic, plus I didn't want to waste money again.  Last time we got there and the minute they put the gloves on, she had a complete meltdown!  Something I learned,  earrings are non-refundable!  So I wanted to be sure that she was ready this time.  She asked if our neighbor Torie could come , so of course she did.  Well in the end she braved through it and got it done!  JJ completely stopped talking once we got into the mall, she pointed to the earrings she wanted and then screamed once it was done!  Then when she looked in the mirror and saw her cool new earring she stopped and has LOVED them ever since.

Valentine's Boxes

The kids made these cute little boxes to hang on their door so that we could all leave little love notes for each other.  Every morning JJ would wake up and say "Is there a love note for me?"  If there wasn't one she was so disappointed, so I had to make sure that she got a lot of lovey notes.  MJ didn't really care whether or not there was a note but he loved his box.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Well here she did it again...and this time she screamed HELP! IT  WAS HYSTERICAL...this it bitty person just screamed help, it was slightly bizarre.

My Goofy Bunch

Bryn loves to trap herself into places.  I don't understand it but she does it several times a day.  She also LOVES her BINKIES.  Oh those dreaded things are so nasty but they make her so happy.
Jaylee constantly is hold or hugging Bryn.  jay really loves her little sister.
MJ got jealous that the girls got their picture taken so he wanted to jump in too.

Weekend Slumber Party

When Mark and I first got married we would frequently set up an airbed in our living room and watch movies all weekend and eat.  Now that we have kids we have realized that it's still just as fun.  We spent a freezing weekend snuggled up together cuddling, wrestling and napping!  It was super fun and lazy.

Fun Days

We spend the majority of our time playing..lately Brecks favorite is hide and seek. He hides over and over in my pillows on my bed and thinks that it's just hilarious!
Check out that gap...I LOVE this girl.  She is so silly and snugly she just makes me melt.
Bryn is really into books right now.  She will bring me a book and then hop up on my lap.