Friday, November 13, 2009

A little catch up

So I did just a little catch up....but now I am exhausted! Who knows when I will finish up October, but I am hoping tomorrow!

Rainy Day Fun

What better to do on a rainy day than BAKE....It amazes me how much fun a sugar cookie really can be! We had a lot of fun seeing the different ways we could eat the cookie! Brecken definitely had the most fun with it! I am sure he never actually finished a cookie, although he probably packed down a gallon of frosting!

Weekend at Grandma's

Brecken's first time saying FOOTBALL...
An attempt to get a picture of the two of them! Which turned out torturous like every other one of the two of them together!

So in the middle of October sometime, we had a fun little weekend at grandma's. Jaylee and grandma decorated the porch and then hunted down little white gourds and decorated and hung them(thanks to BHG idea!) Had fun carving a pumpkin with grandpa. And Brecken learned how to say FOOTBALL, when I wasn't even there! Brecken and my mom watched the game at home and my mom totally got him to say it!

Steps to Carve a Pumpkin

The finished product!
Then you have to draw a face on it...
First clean it all out!

A little out of order, but Jay really had fun decorating this little guy! And of course grandpa had fun helping her!

Sara's Football Game!

Here is Jaylee leading the cheerleaders!

Jaylee loves to watch the cheerleaders, Sara even taught her a few of their cheers and she remembers them! So Sara asked Jaylee to "lead" them in a cheer and Jaylee was just ecstatic! She got the biggest smile on her face, and even chose the cheer! Then for the B Man he love to watch football so it is a win win for me! He can sit and watch almost an entire game, which is crazy b/c he can't usually sit longer than 2 minutes anywhere else!


I love love love her smile when it is all big and cheesy! She has such an amazing spirit and I feel like when she smiles you can just feel it!

Package From Grandma!!!!

Who doesn't love to get mail??? Especially when they aren't bills! The kids got a little fun surprise from Grandma and Grandpa pi!!! Almost every holiday Pat makes the kids a matching pillow case, and the kids love them! They are always ridiculously cute and then we can't wait for the next holiday to get a new one! And of course Jaylee got some super cool hair clippies and lips her two favorite things in the world! Thanks Grandma for always thinking of the kiddos! They miss you!