Sunday, June 29, 2008

My two boys!!!!

I just want to post a picture of the two boys in my life...yes both of them are "boys" Mark has yet to grow up, which is fine b/c it definitely makes life that much more fun!!!

Oh, Craigslist!!!!

Well last time we were in St George Jaylee got to ride on her cousin Erik's 4 wheeler and she loved it, so since we have been home I have been checking out craigslist sporadically to see if I could find a good deal....well I found it. This lady said that she had this power wheels for sale or she would be willing to trade for a highchair....score!!! Mark and I both hated our highchair because it was so big, he tried to throw it away a long time ago but I made him keep it, now I know why!!!! And Jaylee loves it!!! It is so cute b/c at night she has to go out and kiss it goodnight!!! goofy girl.

The KiDs!!!

I feel so lucky, like every mom I feel like I have been blessed to have the cutest kids, not only in the looks department but also with the personalities...(well I only really know Jay's right now)

Pool Fun

The pool is always fun, mainly just b/c it actually cools us down... Jaylee is totally trying to splash me here...quite the little stinker!!! ( Do you notice that her swimmer is on backwards...everything is backwards now that she dresses herself, and that is the way that she wants it to be!!!)

We Have Ourselves a Finger Sucker!!!


Brecken is finally at the age where he is entertained by his toys and not just me!!! So it is kind of nice b/c I am able to get a few more things done around the house.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

TOO Much LoVe????

Sometimes I think that Jaylee loves him a little too much...Honestly look at his poor face, there is a little fear in those eyes!!! But she just adores him so much, what do ya do?

Best Friends

He always looks so serious when Jaylee is holding him, I think he must be a little scared!!! Or he is thinking "oh please don't drop me!"

He ROLLED!!! is amazing how fast he is growing up! Yesterday he totally rolled from his little tummy to his back. I am obviously super excited. I just think it is so amazing watching them learn all of these new things. Having children is truly such a wonderful gift.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Miles of Smiles precious. He is either really really happy like in this picture or really really upset. There is absolutely no middle ground for him, so I definitely try to enjoy the smiles. It is so funny too b/c he kinda giggles when he gets super excited. That usually only happens when Jaylee is sleeping though.

Friday, June 13, 2008

To All the SHORT folks!!!!

Okay so since being married to Mark it has been a constant battle of the jeans....they are never the right length. Of course when I worked at Buckle it was all good b/c they hemmed them for us, but now being on a student budget that is sure not the case. So Mark had a great idea I should hem them for him ( yeah right!!) but then he found this website and voila I am an expert hemmer. I hemmed his jeans and I must say they look dang good!!! So to anyone that also experiences the short leg syndrome I hope this site helps!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sweet Boy

Oh, he looks so sweet and innocent here!!!

I'm a proud Mother!!!

Yes this is my 2 year old on the pot reading US weekly!!! I am so proud!!


Thanks Brecken for keeping a good eye on daddy!!! It's a good thing that one of you are responsible!!! This was Brecken's first trip up to the cabin.

Chubby Cheeks!!!

He sure has porked up huh!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Crazy Feet

Don't be fooled those aren't kids feet compared to adult feet....It is Mark's size 10.5 foot compared the enormous size 23 feet of Shaq!!!! Mark is on a rotation with a guy who cast's players feet for custom inserts on the Suns, Cardinals and D-Backs.