Thursday, January 29, 2009


Jess took this picture a few days ago and honestly don't you just want to bite him!! He is such a little cutie. He looks so grown up with his little teeth. His features are just to cute..the red hair and those long lashes! He is still just crawling and he says"mama and dada and nig nig when he is tired. He has started clapping a little and that is about it for now.

Giddy Up

Brecken was riding his carseat like it was a rodeo! If he could talk he would have been screaming YEE-HAW! Then Jaylee decided that it looked like fun so she hooped on!

Great News

Yesterday I received a phone call from my BF Brittany and it was her anniversary and her AWESOME husband, Mark, got her a ticket to...... PHOENIX to come see me!!! HOW COOL IT THAT! I love him! I can't tell you how excited I am to see her and her little man Bridger! It has been way to long! I can't wait!

White Tanks Mountains

Way to go Amy!!! Okay so Amy and I had to be kids too! So we totally got on that bouncy thing and had a little to much fun! It's a good thing our husbands weren't there they may have been a little embarrassed..It was fun though!

Well all the hard work of watching all the breath taking scenery wore Brecken out!

At lunch the kids went around lifting up rocks trying to find little creepy crawly things and they were successful! Jaylee LOVED the lizards! Here is Mason with his little buddy.

Riley climbed up where the waterfall would be if we had water! We were curious to watch him climb down without falling but he was like spiderman! He is a climbing champ!~

Me and amazing person! Sheri is one of those friends that I feel so lucky that heavenly father blessed me to have her! I am not kidding when I have said how blessed I have been in the amount of wonderful friends I have had! Sheri has really helped me make Phoenix a HOME! I am do glad to have her in my life.

Last weekend me and a few girlfriends and ALL our kids went on a small hike and then finished it up with a picnic. It is so nice to get out and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather! I even got a little sun(which I needed) Although the hike that had seemed so easy before was quite a bit more difficult with a 22lbs baby on my back! All the kids enjoyed getting out and let there animal qualities come out in the wild!

Friday, January 23, 2009

A new calling

Last weekend we went on a hike in the mountains near by...while on our hike I ran into a member of our bishopric...the conversation went a little like this..."Oh hi Nicole I have been meaning to get a hold of you!" "Oh?" "We would like to extend a calling to you!" I guess when heavenly father wants to get something done he really gets it done, really how ironic is that, that we ran into each other on a hiking trail! So I am now the Ward Bulletin Specialist! SO to any of you that have had this calling or have any great ideas for me just let me know!!! I am OPEN to ANY suggestions.

The happings of the week

I love all the funny things Jaylee says and I have been trying to blog them because as her mother I think they are oh so funny...even though some of you may not! But because this is my journal there is going to be more of that! And yet today she gave me another funny.. So let me lay out the story that goes with it. Jaylee and I love to play pretend and today Jaylee wanted to pretend it was Christmas again, and so we went through the house and got random things to give to each other. After we exchanged our lovely gifts Jaylee says "Hey do you want me to get you another present and it will be so PRAXICAL (practical)!" Shut up what three year old says that! Good Job Jaylee I hope I can raise you to be praxical!

Well of course I decided to bust out the camera to document Jaylee singing... And was I in for a surprise...Jaylee says "bibbidi, bobbidi, boo Camera!" Well she was trying to make my camera disappear! How unfair is that! Look at that attitude the hip is to the side and all!

She kept crawling through sooo lighting fast so that I couldn't take a picture of her! But as you can see she was having a blast!

Brecken LOVES his little Playhut crawl thing...okay and Jaylee loves it just as much they totally chase each other through it! I even tried to fit my behind in there let me tell ya it was not a very pretty picture! I realize that Jaylee is naked in most of these pictures or wearing "The Dress" I swear she has a closet FULL of clothes and just chooses to not wear them! What can I say she likes to be free!

Hello naked lady... So Jaylee was hiding under my desk a.k.a. her "CAVE", and said "okay mom now don't touch my collection okay!" If any of you are familiar with Ariel you with kinda get this. So she was referring to me as King Triton and when Ariel gets caught loving a human King Triton goes to Ariels cave and ruins her collection! I love the imagination that Jaylee has...a little crazy with all the princess movies but oh well!

We were so glad that Andy got to leave work early to come say hello!!

Oh one exciting thing we did this week was venture down to my sis' in laws house to have lunch!
And because Jaylee wants a sister so bad she loved holding baby Abbie! And what a cutie she is!

This is Jaylee's newest silly face...It is only one of the many that I get!

Okay really that tree has no hope it needs to come out!!!

So if you notice Brecken has on a PINK shirt...So Jaylee came up to me and asked "Uh Mommy how come Brecken has on a GIRL shirt?"

Wow it was a really un-eventful week! And I must say those are my favorites! Although it seems like the less I have to do, the less I get done in every other aspect of my life...Oh well such is life! We did take time to play a lot! So Brecken LOVES to play in the little playhouse, if I leave the back door open he darts for it and opens the little door and just chills in the house! Oh and not to brag but it was BEAUTIFUL this week!!! It was so hot Jaylee asked Mark to turn on the sprinklers so she could run through them! Then she busted out the hose and attacked Mark and I! Well first she got me and so I had to plot against Mark and use Jaylee to get him.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A few funnies

Anyone who knows Jaylee knows that she is VERY animated and dramatic so as I share these stories you have to try to hear them from her mouth with her facial expressions!

"mommy, why do have pockets?" "Oh I know.." she said "SO you can put your lips (lipstick) in them!" "Yep that's right!" "Well mommy how come you wear lips?" "Oh I remember so you can kiss boys!" "What?" "So I can do huh" "Oh mommy like a princess!"
Well I think we better lay off the princess movies for awhile!

On Sunday we learned about the first vision.. As we were discussing it she asked "Well how come when I pray Jesus doesn't come and see me?" She was devastated...and then she ended up praying and trying to get him to come see her the rest of that say!


I have a few goals this year
1. Read my myself (We read with the kids but I need to on my own more!)
2. Keep up on the blog (Wish me luck)
3. Catch up on the kids scrapbooks! (Yikes)
4. Try to finish a class every month (Yes I am still trying to finish up my school)
5. Continue on my goal of cherishing every moment for it's true value. Life has so much to offer when you aren't concerned with all of the small things that really don't matter anyways!
6. Be a better friend!!! This one actually is at the top of my list! I have been blessed to make WONDERFUL friends every where I move. Honestly I have meet more compassionate, loving, caring and just great friends than some people will meet in a lifetime! All of them have special qualities that mean so much to me and I get so caught up in my life that I want to take more time emailing and keeping intouch with theirs!

Little Homemaker

Jaylee is going to be quite the homemaker...she LOVES to cook and clean, I am not sure where she has learned those qualities???? But she has gotten really good at helping me bake! She can even crack the egg without getting any of the shell in the bowl! Well most of the time!

Look at ME

"Mom look at me I am dancing on the pole!" WOW those were a few words put together that I am not ready to hear! But it is funny to watch her climb up it a little and then slide down!

Brecken Loves the Park too!

Well Brecken loves to be outside too and I can't blame him, at 75 degrees it is perfect weather! I can't keep him away from the dang sand though!!! So of course it ends up straight in his mouth! But other than that he loves just crawling around on the grass watching me and Jaylee run around that crazy people!

Winter In Phoenix

Jaylee and I rolled down the hill so many times that when she finally stopped she couldn't walk straight!
"She asked well can I help Brecken go down the slide?" She is so darn cute and always worried about her little brother!

I can't believe it is January! I talked to my mom today and it was NEGATIVE 20. Wow and her we are playing outside in summer clothes! Jaylee did really good dressing herself today! No stripes with stripes or winter clothes or boots I couldn't believe it! We started out by driving her little car around the neighborhood and then went down to play tag at the park! I love Phoenix in January! Jaylee loves to be outside I think we spend the majority of the day outside either in the backyard playing or at the park playing in the sand!

Ice Cream Face

On days that I feel like Jaylee has been an extra good girl I take her to get an extra special treat, and sometimes she attempts to eat it without a spoon which then leads to an extra sticky mess!

Flippin' Kids

Literally they were flippin off my couch! I love this age because they play so well together! And she has her favorite dress on again! We love having little Chaser over to play!

So big

He just looks so big to me now...those teeth just make him look like such a little boy! I feel like because we were so busy I missed all of the little baby moments!

All Grown Up

Oh hello boots! "Wow that is quite an outfit Jaylee"...."Oh I know mommy isn't it so cutie cutie!" Notice that the shirt is on backwards too!!! I said "So isn't your shirt on the wrong way?" "No mom, don't you know it's the right way!"

More fun with Addie

They are both saying "BUBBLES!" and boy they aren's kidding!

These girls love each other so much. They played and played and played in the hot tub as Karly and I froze watching them and then we finally made them get out so we decided they could play in the bath instead...Well one of them got a hold of the bubbles and wow that is the best bubble bath ever!!! I haven't ever seen bubbles like that!

Jumpin' Jacks

Yeah she wasn't ready to leave!

We went to Jumpin' Jacks with Karly and her family and it was really entertaining. It was like disco night or something and they turned the lights down and played some sweet music and the girls were just dancing around like crazy! The two babies enjoyed just crawling around too! Jaylee is our little dare devil and loves this place! Brecken on the other hand didn't enjoy the slides too much! Needless to say when we said it was time to go Jaylee lost her mind!


Jaylee has been afraid of the four wheeler since she was about one. I don't know what it was but the noise just scared the crap out of her! She always tells me "Oh next time we go to the cabin I am going on the 4 wheeler!" but it never happens. So then one night we were talking about it and she said she wanted to ride on it so we thought it was going to be another failed attempt, but it wasn't!!!! She finally rode it and loved it!

More Mama Mia

I think is the fifth time that we watched Mama Mia, within one week! My cousin Karly and her cute family came down from Salt Lake to come hang out and we all had a blast! The girls love to play dress up, house they are both just total girlie girls! Jaylee and Addie were so so so funny to watch dance together! They are both just Mini Princess'

Christmas Morning

Christmas was so fun! Jaylee is so animated and it really just makes it a blast! Brecken really enjoyed all the wrapping paper. Jaylee got everything she wanted which is easy, makeup!!! Lipstick is still her favorite gift! She was also super excited to get a "cooker" aka kitchen! So since we have been home she has cooked everyday for me! 12-2008