Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fun with Grandma and Pie

Brecken and Bryn sitting by the window to wave by to JJ on the bus.
 The kids have so much fun with their grandparents!  They get extra snuggles...and pretty much whatever they want!  Grandma had fun waiting with Jaylee for the bus, and JJ was so excited for her to see her cool bus!  I love those special moments of everyday life.
 They got books read to them every night by Grandma and Pie..which I found out is way more exciting than when we read to them.  We read books every night, but they wear soooo excited to have their grandparents read them their stories and tuck them in!

Glee Time Baby..

Mark's parents came back in March and we had a lot of fun.  One night we played Glee forever.  It was so fun, we were never able to get Wayne to pick up the microphone but that would've been an awesome sight!  Mark was competitive as ever and had to beat my score at everything...and he did!  GRRRRR.  He is good at everything I swear!  It's just not fair, I just hope our kids get that gene!

Monday, May 23, 2011


We have Church at 1pm now..Let me tell you that is such a hard time with my kids!  So I can't really get them dressed until after they have had lunch otherwise we end up changing again! So this happened to be one of the few Sundays that everything went smoothly.  Everyone ate one time and we had a few extra minutes to kill before leaving, JJ thought it would be funny to run with Bryn up and down the hall.  Oh and she was right it was HYSTERICAL!  They both loved it.  Then Brecken decided he needed a turn!  So we spent our extra time watching the kids play together and have a great time together.  It was one of those Mom moments when you sit back and say Wow I really LOVE my job.

 I love this because you can just see how much Brecken adores Jaylee.
 I love love love when these two are getting a long.  It's usually Brecken wants to play with her and she doesn't want anything to do with him.  So I treasure these moments dearly.
 My little girl is growing up so fast.  It's like overnight she has become this beautiful grown up girl.

Chuck E Cheese

By March we were all just stir crazy the weather had still been so crappy and cold!  So we usually like to go places on the weekends so the kids can have fun.  I thought "Oh good because Mark is with me I can actually take my camera this time, well no such luck right after we got there he got a call and then he was running around playing games!  I have to admit I LOVE him SO much for that..the fact that he always wants to have fun, but there are times that it drives me crazy too!  It's ok I am sure I drive him crazy sometimes too! Jaylee asked if we could bring Torie with us, so of course we said yes.  It is weird when Torie is around MJ and Jaylee get along better.
 Torie's Mom got the girls these cute shirts!  So this is what they wore to Chuck E Cheese.

 Brecken wanted in on the LOVE.

A Day With Cousins..

Three of my cousins came up to visit us.  They brought their kids and some how I only managed to get a picture of The D Man.. The kids had so much fun playing together.  We had lunch a BK with a fun play place and then went to the Children's Museum, I usually don't take my camera because it is so hard to run after kids and take pictures! So needless to say I was glad to have a few pictures.
 Ok so out of the whole place Brecken loves the fish!  He could stare at them all day, every time he asks me if he can have a fishy...NOPE

 There is a huge stage where kids can dress up and have plays..Brynlee felt right at home being the center of attention.

There are so many fun things for the kids to do here.  I wish it wasn't so big so I could keep better track of my little monkeys!  It's like they all say OK on 3 go a different direction!  I love them so much and the fun craziness they bring to my life.

Funny Kids

Brecken and Jaylee really wanted to catch a leprechaun so they decided to set up a trap for him!

This is a letter JJ put by the front door.
Dear Leprechaun
you can take the gold

I Love You Leprechaun

This was the net trap..They had taken foil and other shiny objects and put is under the net.  The leprechaun left a return note letting them know that he stole their gold and that he is very sneaky.  The kids woke up so excited to had gotten a note from him it was so cute.

St Patty's Day 2011

We had a very festive St. Patty's day!  We made leprechauns.  Had a puppet show with them.
 Then we made cookies to share with our friends.
Jaylee got to play with her BF Torie.  These girls LOVE Each other!  It is so cute.  They always want to have each other over for dinner or to play it's so funny.

 We delivered our yummy cookies...The kids went to Connie and Chucks and he thought they were so cute he had to take his own picture!

Silly Head

Here is my little silly girl.. She loves to empty out cupboards and wear all of the bowls.  You can tell by the grin on her face that she thinks she is sooo funny too!

Brecken's Favorite Gift

My mom got him criss cross crash..with the help of Mark picking it out!  And he is obsessed I finally had to put it away for awhile because the only thing I heard all day was cars crashing!  Mark loved playing with it as much as Brecken! 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Brecken Turned 3..

Well way back in March he turned 3!  My mom put together a party for him,  Breckens requests were balloons and candles that's all he wanted!  Oh and a cake with cars.
He was so excited to have plates with trains on them!  It was sooo cute he kept saying "oh these fo my birfday?"  I love his little voice.  He reminds me of the little rabbit on Robin Hood.
 Here he is all excited to have cars to put on his cake!
 Me and My little guy.  Brecken is a complete handful!  He is constantly climbing up things, dumbing things out, trying to fix things, really just always busy doing or making something..which to me is always a him it is playing.  Although I complain about it frequently to myself I love his little craziness.  It makes him to fun.  My new favorite thing is he says "Oh mom you give me snuggles?"  Seriously who can say no to that!
 JJloves to be a big helper!
 Jaylee loves her special girl time with her Auntie.
 The three crazy boys!

 The part that Brecken waited for all day!  The candles!  We got trick candles and he seriously blew them out until they were just wax on the cake.
 He took a break to have a bite of cake.
 then the candles re-lite and he was back to blowing them out.

 This is his Jekyll side
And this is Hyde
I am so thankful to have family close around.  It is so fun to get together with them all.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Mark and I  got to spend the first weekend in March in Chicago together!  It was a blast!
 We went into the John Hancock Observatory.  It was so cool because you learned about all of the history of Chicago while being able to see it all!
 The best part of our visit is we could do whatever we wanted! It was great!  We started the trip by eating at Gioradano's the best pizza ever!  Then we spent several hours walking downtown going into all the malls!  We hit 3 H and M's in our walking distance and a Nordstrom Rack!  Seriously it was awesome!
 It was so cool how the clouds were just right above you.
 Out to eat and enjoying it!  We seriously love to eat and shop those are our favorite things, this mini trip was perfect for us!  well and Mark loves soccer but you can't do that downtown Chicago lol. 
 The Train..
It was so fun to be just us and be able to hold hands and just pay attention to each other!  I love Mark so much and I am so grateful for all that he does for our family.  I am also so grateful my mom watched the kids for us!