Thursday, November 18, 2010

Package From Grandma...

It was really hard for Marks parents when we moved away..but his mom and dad have really tried to make sure that they put together little packages for the kids so they get surprises from them!  THe kids LOVE it, mail is always so fun!

Pumpkin Farm OVERLOAD!

The first thing when you walked in was a petting zoo..that MJ didn't want to leave!
My sweet girl who just hangs out in her long as its moving!

This was so simple just a water pump..but my little guys was in heaven just pumping the water..Jaylee could have cared less about it.
This was fun, you put the goat food in a bowl and then crank it up to the top and it shoots at them!

The jumping pillow!  I have never been on anything like this before but It was AwEsOmE! 
What Mark would look like if he was a woman...Sexy!
Wheelbarrow races..The kids loved that!  I think Mark got a little worn out though.. He's such a trooper!
"Cow" Rides
 Tractor Races..MJ is a little short and had to be pushed..And JJ was so fast I couldn't get a picture of her.
 Mark thought he needed to test them out!
 Corn Shoot..
 Locked and Loaded...
 Jaylee actually made it into the target and won us a free popcorn!  She's taking after me and having to get free stuff! 
 I couldn't get her away from the jumping pillow!
 My gear head loved the antiqued tractors!
On the wagon ride....

 I love this girl!  She can be such a sweetheart.
 Little MIss A
 The girls...
My Grandpa actually grew up on a dairy farm..So I thought that this was really  neat!
Still hanging out...

MJ didn't want to leave...

Really I went a little crazy with the pictures at the pumpkin farm!  But in my defense we had a BLAST!   We seriously spent hours there and still had to drag the kids to leave!  WE were really lucky and got to go with our good friends, makes it so much fun when you have friends around.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pumpkin Picking.....

In our very own backyard!  Yes this year we decided to grow our own pumpkins and it was kind of fun.  Other that the fact the pumpkin plant took over my entire garden, it was kind of cool!  We only got like 5 pumpkins..but it was fun.  As they were growing each child chose which ones were "theirs"!  They were really proud of them.

 The last zucchini...

What I am creating

I am creating a clean freak!!! JJ asked me for a damp rag, and I was like uh that's weird and blew it off then like 20 minutes later she came back and said come here mommy "Look I cleaned my room, I dusted and moped and picked up all the toys! "  Awesome my four year old knows how to dust!  I love it she is seriously a miniature me!

Hello Leaves...

I love our big trees...except in the fall!  I have seriously raked so much lately that I should have huge biceps!!!  The only plus is that the kids have so much fun playing in them! 

Brecken likes to mess up my piles..So I rake leaves into a pile and when I am not looking he takes handfuls and chucks them back into the yard!

"OHHHH Leaves" I am really not sure what this crazy face is???

 HE LOVES LOVES LOVES to pretend to shoot things with his "guns" or sticks!  His favorite toy is for sure a stick!

I have been trying to get this girl used to hats before it is super cold...This was the longest span she wore one for..a whole like one minute!

 Always has a dirty face!

I love her!  She is so much fun!  I miss her now that she spends most of her day in school! 

Growing Up :(

This is kind of her face..pretty much all the time ( as long as she has mommy!)  She seriously has such a round face!  I LOVE IT!
She looks so sweet in this pic!

She has discovered how to take the book off the self!  Which is very entertaining for her!

Wrestle Time

Everyone loves wrestle time...Even Bryners is starting to join!  She plays get Daddy's nose!  It is pretty cute!~

Thursday, November 4, 2010


This is one of MJ's most important possessions along with the matching gloves. He wears them matter what the temperature outside is, even if his head is dripping wet with sweat.
                                                      The Hat Outside

                                                   The Hat at Nap time
                                                  along with a dirty face

                                                The Hat on Sunday
                                 I hid it just so he wouldn't wear it in church.