Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FootBall Time

My Aunt's are super generous and go up and tailgate every home Iowa game...and some away games!  This time we got to go!!!! IT was super fun only part of the family came up, but there was still a lot of us!! There was super yummy food..and a lot of blk and yelloW!
 This was the first game Mark and I got to go together!!!
 My lil sis...
 The actual game was really intense!!! In the last few minutes we lost and it was kind of devastating! 

I was so thankful that my sweet Aunts shared their awesome 50yrd line tickets with us so that we could go!  It was one of the best days all year!! I love spending so much adult time with Mark!  It's like we are dating again even after 7 yrs.  Plus you can't not have a good time with my family.

Wedding Bells

I love this little girl.. she has a really fun temperament!  She is quiet but loves to play, just what I needed.
 Jaylee and her Aunt Nicole (my Step Sister).
 A few words of wisdom before the ceremony.
 The girls....
 Jessica ( My other step sister) and JJ.  Jayle loved being one of the special girls. She just hung out in the bridal room and just followed them everywhere!
 Aunt Sara and Bryners
 My handsome boy!  I wish he would've looked at me!
 An attempt for a family photo...
 Grandma and Jaylee...
 My parents..(Mom and step dad)(I am blessed with two sets of parents)
 The Grands...
 Breckens favorite part of the wedding..the candle place settings!!! He just blew them and re light them all night!
My sister Jessica got re married.  We were able to be at this wedding and it was super pretty.  The girls all looked beautiful!  Jaylee really loved being the flower girl..after the ceremony she actually picked up all the petals off the ground!  I think the best part was that the reception room next to ours was a chip n dales performance!

Crazy Town....

Tackle Aunt Sara...
 Pictures Please....Jaylee loves all of her Aunts!  We are so blessed to have such an amazing family!
 Crazy Folks....
 Sparkly Aunt Pam
One weekend we went down to my moms..and it was a game day!  So we watched the game and then meet some of my family at my Aunts house for a little post game fun!  Mainly bc everyone likes to see the kids and the kids love to see them as you can see!  The re accruing theme is that my kids LOVE to wrestle and tackle!

Tea Party

One Day the kids where really bored and for some reason didn't have school and Jaylee asked to have a Tea party..So this is what I could come up with, without any notice!  The kids had a great time.  Everyone dressed up even Brecken ( Not like that is surprising he loves to dress up).  They had raspberry lemonade and little tiny sandwiches.  transferable

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Form of Time Out

No I am just kidding..He actually likes to be in Buster cage.  He will bring his blanket and toys and just hang out in there.  I am not going to lie I love it because he is confined to one area and not running around breaking things around the house or climbing up the cabinets..or eating toothpaste..Yes I love when he plays in the cage.

Funny Little Girl

Jaylee definitely has two sides..My sweet big helper so is cuddly and lovey

Crazy, Wild, Out of Control Jayleee who is hard to keep under control..
I love both of them..


Brecken always wants to make FIRE...  He asks for a marshmallow and then puts it into the fire until it catches on fire and then he says BLOW!!  Oh my goodness he is a pyro manic!

 Nothing better than hanging out with my beautiful family around a little fire!  The smores help to..although it is a little stressful at times with pyro boy.

Trick O Treat Night

Our pumpkins..Mark did the one on the left, then me, then JJ and then Brecken and Mark.  Of course Mark's is the best!  in my defense I had a small pumpkin and it was really hard to work with!  I thought JJ did a pretty awesome job though!  The even more exciting part is these are all from my garden!  I was pretty proud of that!
 We haven't even started yet and Bryn is not happy!
 Had to stop at Papa and G Ma Connies to show off before we went out!  Our kids love them so much!  They go over their all the time to get gum, that's their special thing!

 Nosey little kids! 
 Candy!  So I am not sure where all of the candy disappeared to because their baskets where completely full and yet on the floor is looks pretty bare..But once it was all combined with church and playgroup candy it was candy overload!
 JJ kept "trading" candy with Brecken, but some how she kept forgetting to give him some in return!

Trunk or Treat

So the snake came up as the owner played the recorder!  My kids seriously LOVED it they thought it was the funniest thing ever, as their faces clearly show!  By far the coolest trunk I have ever seen!  These were the only few pictures I got because I was Octo Mom and had my hands and body FULL of babies!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

For Halloween....

We had a Robot and 2 Minnie Mouses
(Classic Brecken with his finger in his nose!)
 Bryn hated her ears and pretty much the whole costume!  But she looked so cute in it!

 JJ's wasn't going to be Minnie but when she saw Bryns costume she changed her mind she wanted to match her lil sis. JJ's favorite part was her ears and she had to have her nose painted!  She loved her outfit!

 Classic if his finger isn't in his nose he is holding a stick!  Brecks really loves Yo Gabba Gabba..on there is a Robot named Plex but I couldn't find that so this had to work.  He actually loved it! I was surprised,  once he saw it he wanted it!  He was thing to rip of the tags in the store!  And wore the hat in the car on the way home!  His favorite part where the "buttons" on his costume.

Mark's other true love....

JJ loves to cheer on her daddy, she is one day going to be the perfect cheerleader. 
 this is the only pic I got of B man.  Sometimes holding a baby and taking pictures proves to be very difficult for me!  I hate going to Mark's games because the whole time we are there Brecks screams because he wants to be out on the field with his daddy playing!  It's so cute but so hard.
 And my hottie...I am not sure what it is but I love watching Mark even though I really know nothing about soccer and I can't go to many games because of our crazy kids.  I always hate when he walks out the door to go to a game because I think of all the things I could use help with around the house, but seeing his face when he comes home makes it all worth while..Not to mention how hot he is when plays!