Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hide N Seek

Jaylee's new love is hours of playing hide and seek!!!! The best part is she usually hides in the same couple of spots each time, but who cares she loves it. She also thinks that if she covers just her head that you can't see her, so of course we play along!!!

Morning Snuggles

Whenever Jaylee wakes up in a good mood she loves all of us to snuggle...I love those mornings, b/c let me be honest when she wakes u in a bad mood it is SCARY!!!

My THREE loves

I love moments like this!!! I didn't pose this, they just happen to do it and I just love having such a wonder family. Words truly can't express how much I love each of them!

Dressing Herself

Um...Cool good job!!! Yes Jaylee actually went to the store wearing this!!! But what do ya do when they won't let you change them? It is pretty funny!

The little Man

Not a great picture of his face but I think he looks so cute.

Ms. Creative

Wow, Jay is sure exploring her creative side of her brain!!!! She has become an artist during quiet time, at least this time it wasn't her boogers!!! Honestly look at her face she knew that she was totally being bad! Oh, and not only was it all over her but also her bed and dolls!

Little Miss Sass

This picture really shows Jaylee's attitude lately....She has learned that SHE is the boss!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Playing Catch up

Yep, I am playing catch up again. Things have been so busy I am not sure where to even start!! I am soooo behind on all of my hobbies, especially the kids' scrapbooks!!! Brecken doesn't even have one yet. I feel like right now I am constantly nursing, which is such an amazing bond between a mother and a child, it is so weird to try to explain. But it straps my down quite a bit, but it is worth it. Then in the rest of my other time I try to play with Jaylee, but lets be honest I can barely keep up with her. But I just wanted to give everyone a small update...things are great I really couldn't ask for anything more(other than sleep). I truely feel so lucky to have such a wonderful husband who works so hard for us and is such an amazing father....I think he is such a good dad because he is still a kid at heart, but it keeps things fun. And words can't explain how much I love my other two kids, they are amazing.

My cute boy!!!

look at those cheeks!!

Lil Mama

Jaylee can't stand it when Brecken cries so she either yells at him or wants to hold him and sing to him....I love it when she chooses option #2. It is so cute to watch her sing to him and tell him that everything is alright, honestly it has brought me to tears on numerous occasions. Look how big he looks in her lap, I have forgotten how fast they grow!

Your horses are where???

Yes, those are Jaylee's farm animals in her toilet!!! Jaylee took it upon herself to start potty training her farm animals, I must say they are doing a great job. Needless to say we go through a butt load of Clorox.


I swear overnight she transformed from being my baby into being a little girl!

Brecken's Getaway

This is Brecken's favorite spot in the whole house!!! Anytime he gets fussy I just lay him down right there and he almost immediately quiets down...I think it's because Jaylee can't get to him!

Finger Painting

Well the other day Jaylee woke up from here nap and came out of her room just cracking up....talking all this talk about how she painted on the wall!!! Finally I was like "WHAT" and she informed me that she painted on her wall during "quiet time". So I went into her room and sure enough there was some art on her wall....now the mysterious part was there weren't any crayons or paint around..so then my next question was "Well what did you paint with?"
Jaylee said "My BOOGERS!!!" Honestly what a creative child.....it was seriously disgusting.