Sunday, October 24, 2010

MR. Naughty

Quiet is never good...I thought we had finally got to a point where Brecks could go play on his own without getting into trouble....So as i was putting the dishes away really enjoying the quietness of it, I then realized it was a bit too quiet!  So as I walked past the bathroom to little MJ's room I saw him painting his nails...and everything else!  There was nail polish everywhere!  He climbed on to the sink and got into the medicine cabinet.  When I came in fuming he sat there nicely and said "Oh look prettys!"  Way to lighten the moment bud.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I love love love when they all are getting along and having fun with each other!  So I try to take pictures anytime I see it!  Brecken and Jaylee get along best when they are being naughty together..which is kind of cute sometimes.

Fun At Grandma's

 JJ shaves with Grandpa every morning and puts on cologne!~

the kids love to go to Grandma's and Grandpa's, they get spoiled with love and food..There is always snacks there they they love!!  I am not sure why I never have any pics with my mom in them, but she is there!  Brecks just loves helping grandpa with his tools!

This Girl....

 She LOVES to take care of Bryners!

This girl is sassy, loving, generous, caring and beautiful!  Jaylee has such an amazing spirit about her.  She cares so much for people and their feelings that it just doesn't seem right that a five year old who even recognizes when someone is sad.  At school there is a little girl Allison that cries almost everyday and JJ's teacher told me that JJ always tries to console her everytime she cries.  Today she asked if we could take food to poor people and help them!  I hope that I am able to help her keep this specialness about her, I hope that she will continue to be this compassionate throughout her life.  She is also a wonderful big sister! (To Bryn...MJ not so much!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No More Trainers!

Back in September Mark taught JJ how to ride her bike without any training wheels!  I was so nervous that she was going to eat it, but to my surprise she got on that bike and rode it like it was nothing new!  I am amazed at her ability to catch on to things! 

Friday, October 8, 2010


On August 24th Bryners started to crawl!  It was kind of a sad moment for me because that is on crawl closer to not being my little baby!  It has been fun to watch her inch around though!  She first started crawling like an inch worm.

First Day of Kindergarden

In the morning waiting for the bus.

Her first day getting off the bus....I was so excited to see her.  Almost like she had been gone for like a week! Her bus driver is Miss Lorella..and JJ LOVES her so much!  Lorella calls her, her little cutie petuttie.

Brecken really missed her all day..So while we where waiting for her he kept saying "Oh Bus!"  He was really distraught about the whole situation.

Blue eyes..she just hung out in the sweet girl.
My friend sent this poem on JJ's first day and it really sums it up!

My sister is five
It's her first day of school.
We wait for the bus,
and everything's cool.

Then the tears!
Gushing tears!
Loud whimpering
and sobs!
Gushy things pour form the nose
(gobs and gobs)!

I did my best to calm her
and help her to stay calm.
I said, "She'll be back this afternoon!
So please stop crying Mom!"

author unknown

I really didn't think it would be that hard to put my baby on a bus to school...but then as we were waiting all of these thoughts and fears overwhelmed me!  Thoughts like what if there is a fire, natural disaster, what if some one steals her...  I have lost a sense of control..I can't be there to help her if kids are mean...What if they make fun of her...I have to put my trust in the Lord to protect her from here because I can't very well go to school with her.  (Although I did contemplate it!)

She came home from school harm done..and was even excited to go the next day!   The first few weeks were really hard though because whenever she would get home it was a crying fest until she went to bed just because she was so tired from being at school all day.

Oh and I did actually follow the bus to school..just to make sure she got off ok!  And I may have wrote in permanent marker what bus number was hers..just so she got only on that bus...ok so what I am a freak!

Aunt Jessica's House

Brecks didn't want to get his picture taken..that stinker

Who knew that cat toys are way better than kid toys?? New to me..but the kids LOVED this little tunnel!

 We all hit up the park...but it was blistering hot and so humid!  But we stuck it out for a bit and let the kiddos have some fun.

My sister had just bought her house this last year so we were so glad we were able to go see her and her fiance.  I love being able to live close enough to catch up with my family.  It's really fun watching my kids get to know my side of the family now.  ( Even though we dearly miss everyone who isn't here!!)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chicago Children's Museum

My monkey girl!  I couldn't believe how strong she was..she climbed all the way to the top!

 Brecks is obsessed with gas..especially filling the lawn mower up with gas so this was by far his fav part!

I love this little smiley girl!  She melts my heart everyday!
We took a little visit to the Chicago Children's Museum.. It was huge it was three stories of stuff to do.  Which I kind of thought would be awesome, but I must say I like our little one better. It was really hard to keep track of kids going the opposite way!  But other than that it was super fun the kids just ran from one station to the next, they had were so over stimulated with stuff to do I don't think they were able to stay at one station to enjoy it as much as they should have.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hotel Fun

My three...My little little mark...and my little sweetie
 And of course you can't go to a hotel and not jump on the beds!  JJ loved it!  She was a manic it kind of scared me ( not like that's hard to do) I was worried she would teach MJ bad things!

I love when peek a boo is still fun even though the curtain is see through!  It makes it so much more fun to see their faces when they think u can't see them!

He found a portal..perfect size for his index finger!