Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello September

Ok so I am finally going to update, although I am only starting with the last three weeks! That's the best I can do! Other than the news of the SIX MONTH old baby GIRL I happen to have cooking in the oven.... But other than that we moved across country over the summer and have just been super busy! We are loving Cedar Falls other than the fact that we miss our friends dearly! Another plus is that College football started which is always super exciting. So here are the last three weeks!

Cattle Congress

My dirty dirty boy, wow no one ever told me that it is impossible to keeps boys clean! Did I miss the memo, b/c that was a huge shock to me. He is still so ridiculously cute though!

Cattle Congress is like a little fair. And if any of you know me I love stuff like this! I love the animals and all the yummy food! I really love watching Jaylee ride all the rides! She is a little dare devil, I am not sure what we are going to do with her when she gets older, I see a huge lock involved! What is so great is I married a kid stuck in an adults body! So Mark loves all this dumb stuff too!

Fontana Park

Just a few more pics from the park.

Iowa Fun

Check out Mark's right eye...yes that's right a huge shiner! I guess he is getting to old to play softball these days! J/K

Fontana Park had a few "Wild" Animals like ducks, skunks, rabbits, raccoons, owls and bears, I guess this is the wild wild "Mid"WEST. It doesn't matter what type of animals they are though, the kids always love them! Brecken especially liked the ducks!

I want a wall like this at my house! One that we can just randomly spray paint! How fun would that be!

Jaylee and Grandma making a fun little banner

The Boys

Mark's parents came out to visit, so of course we had to show them some Iowa fun! Pat and I shopped on main st. one day, then of course we had to hit up the farmers market, followed by Art on Main St (Festival) Then we went to Fontana Park, like a state park with trails and a few animals or rodents. It was lots of fun and the kids really enjoyed their time with grandma and pi! Jaylee really misses them!

Jaylee's New LOVE....

....or maybe obsession is a better word! We have to take this thing everywhere! Which is ok

b/c it is small but the grocery store really isn't the place for it! She got it from Auntie for her b-day, thanks Sheri! Luckily there are tons of great bike paths around out house for her to wear herself out!

Grown Up

She is so grown up and big now!!! I just snapped these before we left for church one day, it was one of those perfect days! Everyone was happy the weather was beautiful and I just couldn't stop thinking how lucky I was to have such a great fam!


Well what do you do when daddy is on call and can't leave....we make campouts! Good enough for Jaylee and way less work for me! We had a fun bon fire made some yummy smores' and then daddy and Jaylee camped out in the tent. And I had the whole bed to myself, like a king isn't big enough for the both of us, nope, I needed the whole thing!


Jaylee really loves Cedar Falls. She has adopted one of our neighbors as Grandma Connie and Papa! Then their grand-daughter Torie is now Jaylee's new "sister"! Jaylee LOVES Torie and spends lots of time with her doing makeup and hair! Torie has been a great blessing to me, b/c Brecken was sick for like a week and I was running on empty and Torie totally helped take care of the kids and Grandma Connie brought me food....lifesavers! We are super sad now though because Torie left for College and now only comes home on the weekends:(

1st Day of Preschool

I totally can't believe that I have a kid old enough for school, nuts! But is was a great day! Jaylee is a little social butterfly and wasn't scared a bit! She practically ran in! She goes to a Lutheran School, the church is actually the church that Kurt Warner got married in! If you don't know Kurt Warner...he plays football for Arizona, and should have won the superbowl last year! Just a little fun fact!

Week One-Sept

We had a fun visit from "Auntie" or my BFF from Phoenix. She came out to visit us with her littlest one, Addie, we had a great time just talking, painting (watching to much DIYnetwork) and playing! We were so glad to see her because we miss her so much. We can't wait to see her again..hint hint.