Friday, February 26, 2010


This is a picture with Grandma Great... We love being close enough to see my family, it has really been great watching the kids get to know the other side of the family(although we do really miss Grandma and PI, marks parents)

Sleepy Heads

Mark loves to snuggle...and it puts Bryn to sleep!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentines Fun

Funny Faces...

We got bored so...we decided to make headbands...Of course Brecken's didn't last long before he ripped it all up...what so ya do.

The Treadmill

My treadmill finally got some use! On Brecken's forehead!!! Grandpa was letting the kids run some energy out on the treadmill and then bam!!!

Grandpa Tom

This is called the Daddy Lap Trap...and it is Jaylee's favorite! And then they cuddle!

Could it be???

Are they finally starting to like eachother????? And what is that on Brecken's face, what do ya do he is a boy.


This was Breckens snowman...

Because he is FINALLY starting to talk I have the need to post every word I can that he this is SNOOOOOOW!

Well because i find it way to difficult to go out and play in the snow, especially when it is zero degrees....SO I decided to bring the snow fun inside... All the fun without all the cold! And it was a hit the kids still loved it!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Just because I think everything thing he does is so cute I am posting him saying CHEESE...which sounds more like Chesh


I just want to squeeze her sometimes because she is so cute and cuddly! I love the that she still has the baby smell..oh that is my favorite. She is definitely a good eater, check out those chubby checks, I frequently want to bite them.

I just can't stop...

You know those moments of complete peace in your life...(which doesn't happen very often with three kids) This was one of those moments for me. Jaylee truly loves, loves, loves Bryners so as Brynlee was laying so sweet and peacefully Jaylee went up and laid by her and was telling her how glad she was that Heavenly Father sent her to us and how much she loves her...I am sure my heart completely melted at that point...

Tent time

Who doesn't love a homemade tent!!! Even I enjoy playing in a what do you do when it is uber cold out???Make a tent and have an indoor camp out. We roasted fake marshmallows and hid from the pack of wolves that were following us...Jaylee loves to play pretend now so we just roll with whatever story she comes up with...even if it involves a pack of wolves chasing us.

My Three Beauties

Mr. Mischievous
Little Mommy

Um...she is just dang precious

It truly amazes me how different children are even from birth. I love all there little quirks that make them who they are. The one thing they all have including little Bryn is the fact that they are all super strong willed, which when they get older is a characteristic that I would want them to have but right now it makes for some craziness at our house.