Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dinner and a Movie

My second night alone...I spent with a few of my other really good friends! We went to dinner an then caught a movie, but the real fun came after the movie. We took pictures outside the movie theatre for like an hour...including a few on Aimee's beautiful BMW 650i! We were like little kids again! I love having friends who I can be so completely silly with and they are just as fun. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the friends I have made here in the city of the sun. I know that I will continue to be friends with these girls for ALONG time...I have too, they keep me young.

Sleep Over

So last weekend, Mark took the kids up to St George to go visit Grandma and Pie...AND I HAD THE HOUSE TO MYSELF!! I had a really really fun time! Working had definitely been taking it's toll on me/ all the stress of moving! So it was a great break. The first night I had a fun sleepover with my BFF, we watched chick flicks all night and then tried to sleep in a quiet house, it was a little weird because neither of us were used to such a quiet house. Sheri is very special to me and has taught me so much about life and helped me become a better person, and she still loves me even though I am a brat sometimes! It is going to be so hard to leave her....but she is never going to get rid of me.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What are you doing!

Another conversation

Me: "UH yeah what do you think you are doing? Does mommy let you climb up there?"
Jaylee: "No mommy you don't let me but.......DADDY DOES!"

Funny Girl

Here is a little conversation between me and my sweet little monster...Jaylee

Me: Oh no this SUCKS (I can't even remember what I was talking about)
Jaylee: Um mom is it okay if I say that word???
Me: Uh what word
Jaylee: You know, SUCKS.
Me: I got nothin..."NO! Thanks for asking though!"

Brecken's in the CLOSET..

Literally...he loves the closet! I am not sure what draws his attention to it..maybe the smell of all the dirty clothes that are in that basket or he just thinks it is funny who knows!


This is Brecken's current new look... He also is started standing and clapping when he gets excited..like all the time. Especially when it is time to eat!

Wrestle Mania

We have WWT at our house the T is for thomas..duh!:) I think we do like the same things over and over play outside, watch mama mia and wrestle! That is what we are limited to these days I guess, but the kids LOVE it so I can't complain!

Mama Mia AGAIN

I think I have the whole movie memorized word for word Jaylee is obsessed I told her if she watched Mama Mia then she had to let me do her hair, somehow she still didn't let me! So of course she is totally dancing all over my bed singing Mama Mia here I go again.....


So the whole medical school thing..is really crazy! I just want to warn anyone who is thinking about becoming a DR it takes a lot A LOT of patience just to try to make it through school! First it's the whole adjusting to the new lifestyle then its the being gone like 18 hours of the day at school/studying (Especially my hubby & it paid off he is 5th in his class) Then the 2nd and 3rd year are great then fourth year sneaks up on ya and Mark has been gone for like 5months traveling and looking at residency programs that he likes, then he has to travel back out to interview and then wait pretty much two months to find out where he is going! And so it is IOWA, many of you are probably wondering why IOWA well that is were I am from and a huge portion of my family is still there, he initially went there mainly for convenience and ended up LOVING it he loves the other residents and the director. So it became one of his top picks and he got it! I can't believe that only have two more months here. I LOVE phoenix I have WONDERFUL friends, a BEAUTIFUL little house and I just love it here! I guess that it is time to pick up and start a new adventure! I am just so glad that Mark got a program that is so family oriented and one that he really wanted to be at. Good Luck to all of the future students at Midwestern! I am grateful to all of you who have made Phoenix such a fun place to be!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


just a little picture of Sparky...

Date Night

Oh yeah baby..don't we look like hard A's. Just having a little fun!

Yes finally a well needed date without the kids!! And what a fun date it was!!! It was a pretty good game! Lots of fights which always make it a little more fun. Although the Coyotes lost it was still fun. Not to mention we went to the Royals and Padres game earlier that day...It was a fun day.

Park Fun

Jaylee has such a fun personality it really make it so fun to be around her. Actually we were pretending to be pirates and that we were on a big ship looking for "treasure" or garbage.
Buddies..honestly I seriously just love to watch them interact together they both just adore each other!

Here is my classic boy, he is totally frustrated and showing you exactly how he feels!!!

Brecken LOVES toothbrushes, forget toys he is all about the toothbrush.

I have actually been working..yes working, kind of if you call watching professional baseball ever day working, but it has been kind of hard because I feel like I miss a big portion of the kids' day and kind of feel a little guilty. So we wake up early and do fun things in the morning now to try to make up for the missed time.

The candles

So before I could even blow out the candles Jaylee did it for me!!! So we lit them again and she still beat me I think we lit them a total of like 5 times, hey I hope we got a lot of good birthday wishes.

Birthday Girl

Yes a beautiful arm accessory!!! Thanks to my Brittany aka BFF

Yes last week I marked another year under my belt.....At what point does the older and wiser start to kick in... I have been waiting and I still got nothin. Although I did have a wonderful day, Jaylee picked me "flowers" which was incredibly nice and serenaded me several times. Mark actually has been gone pretty much all month in Tuscon, but was able to come home and make me dinner and a lovely cake and decorated with a big birthday banner! I got several wonderful gifts from friends who I love and adore..my friends and their gifts!!! It was a great day!

Just 4 fun

Here are just a few things that they each like to do...Jaylee LOVES her princess movies and drink chocolate milk! And the Brick Man loves show off his smooth moves, with his arm dance and I must say it totally cracks me up!

Add another.....

Yes I choose to have children to train them young so then that way I don't have to clean...JK but Jaylee really does have to help put away the dishes and so Brecken now wants in on it... Not to much longer and he will take over her job and she will get something new. Oh the joys of children. And they are just so stinking cute!

Even the BOYS.....

Oh the joys of being bossy...or just really smooth. Somehow she got poor Chaser dressed up like a fairy... And it looks like he enjoyed it! At least it was all in good fun! Brecken on the other hand was not having it.

Crazy is her Middle Name

Her new crazy way to swing, anything that is completely different than the norm is what Jaylee likes to do.

Yes sir...Jaylee is a NUT..Her and Brecken decided to unload her bookshelf and then crawl in it, not like there is anywhere to go, but they managed to have fun with it....I on the other hand was a little ticked off because I had just finished cleaning her room. Oh well.