Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This is her smiling at her dada...She already is a daddy's girl.

Here are just some pictures of our little Bryners...


JJ and Lola...She has slept with Lola everyday since she was one! BFF'S

These are my two Biggins. Anytime they want to hold Brynlee they bring me the boopy. They both just adore her, it brings such fullness to my soul to watch them take care of her and shower her with love. I really couldn't be more blessed, even though Brecken is a total handful it just makes him who he is.

The Park

This is the HAT....The hat that he wants to wear everywhere....and I let him! Brecken will go to the coat closest and say att..attt(his for of hat) He will stand there until I get it out for him and if I don't he will scream AAATTTT. But it is what it is and it just makes him...well him.

Jaylee is becoming quite the little mommy. She always leads Brecken now. Ever since I had Brynlee I am asking for help from Jaylee all the time. And sometimes she doesn't like it but for the most part she really loves being my big helper. I am so thankful that she is so willing to be so patient with Brecken.

Of course what do you do when there is no more snow..head out to the park. Our favorite place.

No More Snow

The Snow finally MELTED!!! For the first time in three months I can see the ground....The crappy part was that it was followed by a little flooding. The river is actually supposed to be way back behind that little shack. The shack is actually public restrooms for the park area...Krazy huh.

Our Little Idol

So American Idol was on TV and then we heard some what sounded like yelling coming from the living room...and we found this. Little B Man with his microphone in hand totally singing...or screaming maybe he is going to be a rocker, like his papie.

The St. Patties Day Parade

Mark had to go to Chicago, so what do I do...go to my MOms! Well it was St. Patties Day so of course there was a parade and we had a really fun time! Jaylee actually ditched us and hung out with aunt pam....Which left Grandpa Tom soley to the B Man...He Loved it!

The Funnies

This is what I like to call the funnies....When all you want to do is make silly faces. Jaylee is really coming in to her own on this. She has been coming up with some really funny faces. Another great form of winter entertainment. To make each other pee our pants in laughter.

Brynlee's First White Dress

This is my beautiful baby girl in her first white dress. With every child I wonder if I will be able to love them as much as the other ones and it truly amazes me the amount of love our Heavenly Father has given us to give to our children. It also amazes me how different each love is. And with everyday it grows stronger.


My Poor Poor Boy...He always has some sort of scrap or cut on his face usually accompanied with a fat or bloody lip..............I just always feel so bad bc it must hurt, but I guess that's what happens when you are running everywhere you go.

After the Blessing

Check out that dress...isn't it a very talented mother in law, made that.

After the blessing my mom had a yummy lunch at her house...And so we all got together
there and then it was mass chaos from there. My mom was really sick so I never got a picture with her in it, how sad. And I was running around trying to talk to everyone because I love getting to see them all, so I did a horrible job taking pictures. Luckily Pat and Wayne took some.

Bryn's Blessing

So we had Bryn's blessing at my mom's house in Davenport. I made sure to tell everyone not to be late that they had to be on time...and guess who was late ME. It was so awesome for me to have a lot of my family there. My dad wasn't able to make it but he was there in spirit. And it was so awesome for my step dad because he hasn't been able to be there for any of the other blessings. I can't describe how wonderful it felt to have such a huge support. We have been away from my family for so long it is just so nice to be back for a little while. I am just so thankful to everyone who came..Thank you.

Grandmas Girl

Jaylee loves having the spotlight! And Grandma loves to give lots of love and spoil her so they make a really good match!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Maple Syrup Festival

First you drill a hole into the tree...then as the maple rises it some out of the tree and you set a bucket under the hole and viola..maple.

Collecting the Maple..

Grandma and Jay..Ok seriously it was hilarious to watch Pat, she was so determined to find maple that she went off the pathway and made her own way.

And we're off to find some Maple.

We are so glad that we got to do this with grandma and pi. We all had such a great time.

Maple Syrup Festival

So at the Hartman Reserve they sponser a Maple Syrup Festival...Which included all you can eat pancakes. (Anywhere there is food just count me in) It was really a lot of fun. We got to find out how syurup is made and wow it is a long process and we got to go out and collect maple from the trees and did you know March is the only month that you can collect maple? We had a blast. It was a lot of fun to share those moments with Marks parents.


Blog that was the month of February! It was a really great month. Sometimes in the moment I tend to get stressed out and overwhelmed, and it is really nice to have some of these pics to remind myself how much fun we all have together. I love my family so much.


A trip from Grandma and Pi isn't complete unless we watch Mama Mia..
The Girls...

The Boys...

Yeah for Grandma and Pi...We all really miss seeing Grandma and Pi, so they were so awesome that they came out for the Bryn's Blessing. And it was a really fun visit.

Birthday Weekend

My lil sis with the kids.
Flowers from my friend..yes that is in an oj container...thats all I could find.

This is the beautiful cake that my besty in Phoenix had sent to me.. It was a three layer divine cake that words can't express how delicous it was. And seriously how sweet is that she sent me a cake!

We spent my birthday at my moms...My mom granted my wish and took us all to Chuck E Cheese...Where a kid can be a kid...And while Mark and i played Tom played with the two older ones and my mom played with Bryn. While Mark and I had a serious basketball tournoment with a little kid...This wasn't just any kid, I had made the high score on the basketball game and he beat we had two hours of beating eachothers high scores. It was super fun.