Wednesday, February 20, 2013

St George

So  after we got home from the dells we packed up and left the next day for St George for Thanksgiving!
My Best friend from Phoenix came up for a few days!  We had lots of fun until hanging out and catching up!  Until Bryn puked so our time was cut short!  I have the best friends ever!  I miss her soooo much!
 Then we had a few days of Grandma to she did some fun stuff with the kids. 
 The cousins all had such a fun time playing together!
 I somehow got no pictures from we skip to the day after!  Santa stooped by while Wayne and the kids were setting up the train set!  The kids where elated!

 Miss Bryn loved her aunt Jessie it was so cute!
 Brecken was so excited to see Santa!
 The train set that the kids love so much!  It is so cute to watch "Pie" play with the kids with it.

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